Concierge services are the new trend in luxury hotels


Growing demand for concierge services in luxury hotels

Saving time is without a doubt the greatest luxury in our hectic world, even more so when you are on vacation or on a business trip. If you are staying in a luxury hotel, there is an excellent way to do it: hire the services of the hotel’s always attentive concierge. has identified the growth of unique and personalized travel and concierge as one of the strongest trends in luxury travel last year, and if you’ve ever used its services, you’ll understand why.

However, it is not just luxury hotels that offer Conciergerie services; As the trend grows, so do independent companies, designed to serve and care for their clients as they please.

So what exactly does a concierge at a luxury hotel do?

A concierge can offer the traveler or business person the gift of time, allowing them to sit back and relax. If you check into a luxurious 5-star hotel, the concierge will introduce himself and inform you that they are available to you. So what exactly can they offer?

If you have just arrived at your destination, you can consult the hotel concierge for advice on the best restaurants and shops in the city, and they can also go a step further, reserving a special table or a private tour of the points of sale close. . If you’re determined to attend an event like opera or ballet and it seems like you’re exhausted, a concierge at a luxury hotel will often have contacts and be able to pull a few threads to get a ticket.

In addition to organizing the fun elements of a vacation, a concierge will be available to assist you during an unplanned event, such as an emergency trip to the dentist or doctor, saving you valuable time contacting medical institutions in a strange city.

At the most luxurious and luxurious hotels, they will take the concierge service even further, offering ‘tanning butlers’ whose sole job is to stroll among the hotel’s illustrious guests, offering a variety of sun creams and lotions.

An expanded offer

Increasingly, concierge services are not the only province of luxury hotels: many companies now offer a concierge service to their employers that leads to increased worker productivity. Most of us work Monday through Friday with little time to attend to personal matters, which is where the corporate concierge can step in, running errands for exhausted employees from nine to five.

Concierge services are better known as part of the offer of a luxury hotel, but it is clear that there is also an increasing demand in our daily life and occupied by such service.