Common Misconceptions About Caregiver

Caregivers or cares are a blessing to the society. Sick and alien are the individuals who are in need of support and help more than anyone else, for them their caregivers become their godfather. Caregivers are people may be from the person’s social network or from the NGOs around them who helps them with their daily activities if they are ailing and cannot do those on their own. A caregiver can be a family member (who is often unpaid) or can also be a hired professional help.

In the case where the family members are busy with their professional life and are unable to give as much time to their ailing family member/members especially In case of long-standing illnesses during the old age seek the help of caregivers. There are quite a few agencies and some NGOs which provide for caregiving services.

Elderly carer make it all the more easy for the sick and ailing to find the right kind of care and help in their old age. Carers are highly looked upto by the care seekers, they receive immense respect and develop an emotional bond with their care seekers.

Elderly care is a very emotional activity, there are some stereotypes and misconceptions about the sanctity of the profession. It is time to address these misconceptions and put some light on them and address them. Here are some of those:

  • Caregiving is considered a negative experience :

In some cases, it might be right, but in a lot of cases, it’s not true. For a majority of people, caregiving is a rewarding experience. Caregiving is just a way, to make a positive difference to the life of someone so much in need.
Every day giving help to them and providing them the comfort becomes a pleasing and satisfactory experience for the caregivers. The caregivers are blessed with a sense of companionship, mutual respect, and self-worth. The caregiving activities these caregivers are involved in fill their life with a void.

  • Children are abandoning their parents for selfish motives :

Seeking help from caregivers does not mean children are leaving the sick and ailing parents. In this competitive world, and when the cost of living is touching skies, the family members cannot give up on their jobs/business for their parents. What they do instead is let the caregivers take care of their every task, and they spend time with their parents as much as they can. And in not all cases can children live with their parents. So seeking help from caregivers cannot be called abandoning parents. With services such as Comfort Keepers are available, one can easily get quality care.

  • Carers are young or middle-aged :

Carers can be any age, ethnicity or gender. Whether they’re young or middle-aged or old, it doesn’t matter, and no does it middle-aged that we shouldn’t be ensuring they all are given the information and support they need. Young Carers especially required in case the person is disabled and is supposed to be lifted from the bed for daily chores.

  • Caregiving can’t be called a profession :

Caregiving is also a job and hence is paid for. Just because there’s no academic degree or a vocational course called caregiving, it doesn’t mean it’s not a profession and a job, in fact, it’s a position that should be more respected than that of a CEOs.Nevertheless, some caregivers are not paid, in case if they are a family member for the ailing or are volunteering. If you make money out of positively impacting someone’s life, isn’t it a gratifying task? It’s a very prestigious job, and there are so many blessings that one receives in return.

  • Caregivers are not skilled :

Caregivers are in fact one the most experienced healthcare workers. Given their income and pay scale, we don’t happen to believe this, but they indeed are skilled. Most of the NGOs are Caregiving organizations make sure that the caregivers they provide you with have the sound know-how of how to take care.

  • Caregiving should be performed for free :

It’s thought that caregiving should be performed for free and only then would it do justice to the ailing, it is believed that bringing money into the picture would bring in selfish motives and the caregiving act would not be as affecting. But caregiving is a profession and in getting paid there is nothing wrong.

  • Caregivers for the ailing old aged can be a reason for crimes like theft and murders :

Although such cases are reported but could be the case only when your carer is a regular servant, you employ to take care of your family member. But if you approach the caregiving organizations, they give you full guarantee about the caregivers they appoint. You have all the details about them, and they would not do anything that is mischievous or any such malpractices.

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