Christmas in the Kashmir Himalayas!!

 Stunningly beautiful and family friendly all year round, Sonamarg is the crowning jewel of the Kashmir Himalayas. The mountain resort takes on an extra level of attraction with its guarantee of a white Christmas that brings travelers back to the resort year after year in search of that true fairytale holiday experience.

 At the Villa Himalaya for Christmas everything is festively decorated and there always is a scent of fresh fir-sprigs is in the air. The river around the village regularly gets half frozen and the majestic mountains in the background offer the perfect backdrop for snow sledging and gentle walks. Thanks to its protected location, the Villa Himalaya is one of the most snow sure resorts in Kashmir which manages to attract as many guests in summer as in winter. All this is  attributed to the friendly, down-to-earth staff and the fact that many guests have made a visit to this mountain resort a family tradition that’s as treasured a memory as sipping hot chocolate in front of a twinkling Christmas tree. The Villa reception is the heartbeat of the resort, where guests grab a freshly brewed cup of tea from the table and play a friendly game of chess beneath the impressive crystal chandelier that hangs overhead from a wood crafted ceiling. Such coziness will be hard to leave, but thankfully a panoramic view of the mountains and pristine river views encourage guests to head to the veranda for some fresh air and a moment of Zen.

 A Country Feast: – At the Villa Himalaya we believe that no Christmas is complete without a traditional meal and that is why our chefs welcome and begin the feast with local home baked bread accompanied by our home made honey and jam.

The starter provides you with a very swift introduction of our chef and his team and hints on what to expect from our country feast main course. Thick pickled vegetable salad, home cured meat and something smoked or a warm tomato soup. An interesting story is told by our main course through our unique style of service along with an exceptional taste and quality thereof. The main course is served on large vintage platters to the middle of the table, the way Grandma serves Sunday lunch. This can consist of anything from our very famous roasted lamb, free range chicken and meat balls in red and white sauce. Complementing the meat, traditional sides are served such as fat roasted potatoes, honey glazed mushrooms and stir fried vegetables. These elements craft the ambience and feel of our beautiful Christmas dinner with a very intimate and special setting.

And to seal the deal, the dessert sends you off with a sweet goodbye followed by freshly brewed coffee!!

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