Choosing an animation school

Choosing an animation school is just as hard as any other field of study -if not more. Especially taking into consideration the novelty value of the animation industry, finding the right animation industry can be a tricky job. Questions like what different schools offer in terms of curriculum, how good the faculty is, determining the strength of the alumni network, etc. can help you make an informed decision.

When the time comes to choose a school for higher education, one is more often than not thrown into a whirlpool of confusion -and the field of animation is no different. Being a professional animator is a real up and coming profession these days, and as a direct result of an increase of the popularity of the field,animation film making course


One finds that one could now pursue an animation course from scores of institutes. Now, when faced with so very many options, how does one go about choosing a particular institution?

A major point of concern when it comes to choosing the right animation institute for yourself is that considering the fact that the field of animation is relatively newer that other fields of study -so all the institutions are relatively new, and the credibility of good as opposed to not so good schools can’t be determined so readily.

And think about it -just about every animation school will have the basic creativity in place to shoot out an enticing marketing agenda to lure students in. All in all, it’s quite tricky to choose the right school, so make sure you give it a lot of thought and research before you finally settle down on the best of the lot that’s to your liking.

So when you’re going about looking at different institutions, go one by one, and research different aspects of the given animation course.

First, find out whether the particular course in question offers a complete understanding of the art of animation. Some courses might be such that they take up only specific aspects of study to focus on them more thoroughly. Now, according to what you want, and your existing level of animation knowledge, you should go in for courses that are either extremely specialised, or broad enough to cover a proper fundamental foundation of all aspects of animation.

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Next, you should find out about the faculty at the institution in question. Try to determine the amount of experience they have teaching, as well as their involvement in the actual industry itself. At the end of the day, your mentor’s expertise is what is going to allow you to learn -so make sure the faculty is accomplished and experienced. You need all the real-world knowledge you can get from them, not just the theoretical aspects of study.

An extremely important factor of any animation institute is the network they might afford. So you must ensure you check out the alumnus network of the institution to establish the quality of the school. Moreover, a strong network is important because you’ve got to go out into the industry to fetch yourself a job after graduation! Having a strong network of alumni will help you maneuver your way better in the industry, and also give you the satisfaction of knowing what scope you have. Making the right connections will prove extremely valuable in terms of your career and its progression.

Another thing you could do to help determine where you’d like to go is to speak to people in the industry and get their opinion as well. You could even try to get in touch with alumni of different institutions in your radar, and check out which seems best from their testimonials.

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