Choose the Most Suitable Off-Grid Solution That Fits Your Requirements

Choose the Most Suitable Off-Grid Solution That Fits Your Requirements

For most of us homesteads, solar power is a great choice, as living off-grid gives one a sense of independence and pride. According to recent reports, more than one-quarter of India’s population that is around 311 million mostly located in the rural areas, without grid power. However, as most electricity utilities suffer financial strife and the impracticability of a grid connecting remote areas, the promise of reliable electricity through centralized infrastructure and systems will probably remain a pipe dream for some time. The off-grid solution offers a feasible result as it is based on smaller-scale renewable energy sources like solar, biomass and small-scale hydropower.

Since off-grid solution refer to solar PV system that provides electricity from the solar panels without connecting to the local utility grid network, it is likely to meet the challenges of network resilience, flexibility and environmental and health issues. Looking up to the current forecast, in India around 75 million households will still be off-grid solution by 2024 which is only a 5 percent improvement from the current level. As a result, more cost-effective and quicker solution to the energy crisis needed.

To keep our off-grid solar power system up and to run we use our knowledge and labor. So, if you have not yet selected an off-grid power system or looking at how to choose the most suitable one, here are some different options available in the market.

Geothermal power

The term “Geothermal Power” has many classifications and over here it refers to electricity generated from the heat that stored in the cracks and fissures in the earth’s crust. By drilling into these reservoirs of heat, energy gets, and steam that is generated from the heat and nearby water in the earth piped to the surface where it can drive turbines, which is later convert it to electrical power.

It is an excellent method to take advantage of the limitless heat energy stored in the earth’s crust. However, there are a couple of drawbacks that have needed consideration.

Hydroelectric Power

The water that rushes down a river or creek has a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. As a result, converting this kinetic energy into electricity, hydroelectric power gets generated. This medium is done by placing a Pelton wheel or another device in the water. As the water cycles the wheel, it powers a turbine that generates electricity.

Similar to geothermal power, hydroelectric power is highly localized, depending on the geography and surface water on your property. It might or not be feasible. However, if it so then small hydroelectric power systems are a proven technology that can generate power every hour of every day.

Off-Grid Solution

As we know that off-grid refers to the solar systems that provide electricity from the solar panels without connecting to the local utility grid network. It works with the help of Solar PV panels that are roof mounted or placed anywhere else on the premise receive energy from the Sun and convert it to DC electricity.

This DC electricity then converts to AC electricity from solar inverters. The main switchboard takes the AC from the inverter to power your home. Any surplus power is sent back to the battery storage with the help of a battery inverter. A battery inverter is a 2-way device that converts surplus electricity to DC and stores it in the battery, or it converts DC into AC to power the house.

SaveGeo provides complete off-grid solar energy solutions for both domestic and industrial use. Our team of experts is capable of developing niche customized solutions using intelligent, state-of-the-art technology for high performance and reliability. From a comprehensive range of options, we choose the suitable off-grid solution that fits your unique requirements. With the best in class tools and equipment, we engineer, construct and install your off-grid system. We also take up O & M activities to maintain your system and timely scrutinize to rectify issues that may arise.

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