The Chakras of Life that Reenergizes and Rebalances Your Soul

Ayurveda has taught us how wellbeing can be sustained through the “Chakras”. These chakras are nothing but energy meridians surrounding our mind and body. According to ancient healing there is a universal energy which is the mother source of all energies thriving.  They surround and penetrate our body. The Chakras are defined with colours and they have their own frequencies.


After researching on the same I came across an article, which gave an insight to this ancient healing practice which majorly revolves round energy and its manifestation. A closer look into it, caught me in surprise. According to Ayurveda there are channels in our body through which the energies flow. However, constrictions can restrict such channels from uniformly flowing the energies. Every meridian of our body releases energy which should be disseminated equally. A block can only cause the energy to stay suck at a single point. While one part of the body overflows with energy, the other part stays void.

Research has shown that such restriction can be caused due one or many emotional reasons like trauma, depression and built up emotions. They can get heavy on the body and spurt out in the form of disease or ailments. Free flowing energy is meant for boosting health, it has an impact on human feelings which tend to differ with moments. The energy flows in a rhythm and is responsible in alleviating pain and emotional distress. According to this ancient healing practice it is considered a creative impetus that has given birth to life.

Surprisingly each and every minuscule element with which we are made up of, tends to breathe. They all undergo different stages of the cycle which may include the following:

  • Developmental phases
  • Tidal rhythms in breath
  • The heart’s drumbeat
  • Vibration in movement of every cell

Somewhere I came across the unparalleled truth centring round energy and its manifold forms. There I read that the Chakras ruling over our lives, are mainly energy centres releasing verve through energy pathways, which are otherwise known as meridians. Our body has energy fields which are known as auras.

Experts studying the matter have stated that every living object is controlled by energy which is further released and also rebalanced in multiple ways. Among the several means, acupuncture which involves the application of needles and pressure for its precise application. This pressure further releases heat for attaining balance required for “chi”. Such application of pressure redirects the flow of energy through an elaborate map, also called the “meridians”.

Ayurveda which has evolved from natural healing focusses on rebalance of energy which takes place through touch. As a result of such precise touch chi is build and further released into the body and rebalanced while in a flow. Every gentle movement matters to release such wellbeing. A few days ago while I was busy parking my Audi at the Perth International Airport Parking, I got a message from a friend on a popular chatting platform which gave important insights about Ayurveda.  Furthermore, the message shared also pinpointed how elaborate and gentle movements can release positive energy.

Cultivating organismic energy and channelizing it through fuller flow can bring effective results, manipulating the cells and muscles. Interestingly, our hands too have healing effects. With massaging which involves the use of the palm and fingers, muscular tension can be released; thus, clearing pathways for chi to move through different body parts. Hectic lifestyles and work schedules often leave us stressed. To get reenergized, people frequently show their keenness in seeking therapeutic effects through healing hands that only release blocks, clearing emotional distress and discomfort from the body. On one of my visits to South Asia, I want to experience the healing effects that Ayurveda has on our body.

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