9 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App for your Company

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Statista reports that mobile apps are projected to generate $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. This data is evident in how well businesses can use mobile apps. Any custom mobile app development company needs to avoid the following mistakes to make an app user-friendly, intuitive and interactive.

1. Lack of Market Research
Proper planning and research are imperative for mobile app development. Testing the market, narrowing down your target niche and knowing the needs of the audience are pivotal.

2. Underestimating the Budget
App development is a serious investment. Estimating the overall budget beforehand would make the whole app development process and marketing will help make it error-free.

3. Not creating an MVP
MVP or Minimum Viable Product what helps you test your app amongst the customers in real market conditions. It is an excellent way of evaluating the app’s performance with the audience.

4. Making a Bad UI
User interface can make or break your mobile app. With thousands of mobile apps on the AppStore, a good UI is key. Give it some good thought.

5. Too Many Features
Don’t waste your resources on unnecessary features. Take care that your app is useful and more comfortable to comprehend for the users.

6. Lack of Testing
A bug-free app is a good app. Be sure to test your app properly before the final launch in order to deliver the best performance.

7. Not Crediting Bad Reviews 
Feedbacks are essential for the success of any app. Therefore, it is key for you to take into account all the reviews and feedbacks.

8. Too Many Platforms
Including too many platforms for your app unnecessarily accelerates the cost. Know which app development platform you want and plan accordingly. For example, if you decide to go for Android, then hire a good android app development agency.

9. Not Caring About Updates
Regular app updates are critical for attracting new users and retaining the existing ones.

App development is a process focused on engaging customers to grow your business. My suggestion would be to research and find a good mobile app development company London to help your processes like 3 Sided Cube or Street73.

Online reputation repair tools: Must watch list for 2020 ORM

Online reputation repair tool

Online reputation is highly significant in order to run a successful business in this era, ORM repair services are highly on demand off late.

Regardless of the profession you choose, digital reputation is buzzing everywhere. Either you can use it for your rapid growth or it can break you if you don’t know the power of it.

A single negative post can turn the table within days’ time.

Not only it’s your customers reviewing you negatively every time but also, it’s your competitors who want to downgrade you for their benefits.

Now, if you’ve been completely ignoring online reputation, you’re on the losing side.

To turn the table to your side, you may need some professional help like Online reputation repair service in India.

Online reputation repair services not only keep your reputation on the check but also keep updating positive reviews in order to rank down poor contents.

Since, the internet is a vast platform, without the help of a tool you can’t really figure out where people are posting about your service

Thankfully, there are some ORM repair tools through which you can help you track down your online reputation and manage it.

Let’s take a look at the Best tools for ORM currently on the trend.

1.Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google offers its users so many tools starting from tracking down your online reputation with google alerts to managing it with google business page or GMB tool.

Google Alerts is a simple tool which lets you track every activity happening on the net.

Every time people post a review or talk about your service on any platform be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any web portal- you’ll get notified with an email.

You can subscribe to its daily or weekly basis email for letting it notify you.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a tool to manage your social media presence.

You can track posts views, how people are reacting to these posts, what they’re expecting from you, etc.

It helps you to be in sync with your customer’s choice.

The best part of this tool is that it offers in-depth analytics report of your social media presence.

3. Social Mention

Social Mention

Social mention is one of the Best tools for ORM.

Social mention provides you with an analysis report of 80 social media sites which covers almost every social media platform.

The report is divided into 4 parts; strength, passion, sentiments, and reach.

The strength shows the number of times people have discussed on your brands. Whereas the sentiments are peoples’ reaction. Passion shows the type of content your users are looking for and reach refers to the number of people your brand has been able to reach.

4. SentiOne


With millions of customer base online, you can’t get to know what the majority want from you until you use a tool.

The best part of SentiOne tool is that it helps you to analyze what people are saying about you on every digital platform.

Using this data, you can actually improve your service.

Here you can track down real-time data as well as historical.

5. Review Push

Review Push

Review push is the tool which notifies you every time your brand gets mentioned on a review site.

You can also reply to your customers back on their review using this single tool. So, it cuts down the time requires for you to create other account to reply your customers.

It’s significant that you reply you customers whether they’re commenting negative or positive. Otherwise you can’t engage with them.

6. Chatmeter


Chatmeter also sends notifications every time people add new content about your brand.

It’s important to know the strategies of local competitors as it’s a competitive market and everyone is opting for strong digital presence.

By analyzing competitor’s strategies, you can figure out which one might work the best for you and which ones are to be wiped out.

Chatmeter offers you the tools to help you track your local competitors.

7. Meltwater


It’s the tool which can provide you with the largest database on global media.

You can check every time your brand is getting mentioned be it on newspapers, social media or any web portal.

You can check the analytics from your dashboard and apply for daily, weekly or monthly basis reports.


You can try your hands on manually tracking down your online reputation.

Not only you’ll need to put extra efforts for this but also, you’ll end up with only tracking down a few sites.

Without the help of a tool, it’s near to impossible to track down every activity going around the web.

Online reputation management service in India help customers to repair their online reputation using tools only and then promoting things which need to be promoted for a better outcome.

Why You Should Hire Multi-Language SEO Optimization Company?

Multi-Language SEO Optimization

Combining international as well as multilingual SEO may get complicated. Mistakes may cost time and money while slowing your growth towards your SEO goals. But knowledge is power, as well as allowing you to comprehend the options, is key to success.

As with global search engine optimization (SEO), there are numerous scenarios, and the right solution depends very much on the specific situation. Do you target one country where users speak various languages? Do you target particular languages around the world? Do you want a particular language for a specific country? In several business owner, the answer will be a yes. Having knowledge in multiple languages gives loads of benefits from a full application of SEO services and it is imperative to have the biggest international exposure for your services.


The following advantages help target the wanted audience with multilingual SEO:

Targeting market-specific search engines help rank the keywords in the desired search results that are given at any particular location worldwide, and with assistance from the best multilingual SEO company, the task is infinitely simplified.

  • SEO For Multi-Language Websites from the best multilingual SEO service in India, any business will be confirmed the top international exposure.
  • Offers Search Engine Optimization for foreign languages and aids target a vast volume of an international audience.
  • Targeting keywords in a different language will help focus them in their precise locations and get the most desired audience.
  • It is a chance to develop a vast client network that is scattered across endless boundaries.

Hire Multi-Language SEO Optimization Company

When it comes to multilingual SEO, you want the proficiency and experience of a company who knows what they’re doing. Our Multi-Language SEO Optimization Company has worked on a range of websites – from small businesses to medium and large companies with more complicated, multi-language, multi-country focused types of requirements.

Our team is composed of SEO experts who possess knowledge in a wide range of languages. This enables us to optimize web content and tailor it exactly to different geographic areas on a global scale. We also proffer a bilingual SEO focus for clients whose target different languages.

Advantage Of Multilingual SEO Services:

Search Engine Optimization for multiple languages.

Target market-specific rankings and Gain more organic traffic.

Promote specific language keywords on full search engine rankings.

With the best multilingual SEO service in India, your organization will be guaranteed with continuous scopes of targeting the most considered audience and gain the best customers as a result.

Final Thought

Accomplish SEO on an internationally will certainly deliver your business a significant competitive gain, and we may help you to execute a proven multilingual SEO tactics to gain more exposure among the local audience. Our team has years of expertise in dealing with multilingual SEO services and procedures. While you hire us as your multilingual SEO consultants, you may be sure of receiving quality work and dedicated team members who are committed to delivering the maximum results.

What is the Future of Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development Agency

More than 179 billion mobile apps are downloaded every year. By 2025, it is estimated that the mobile industry will have 5.9 billion unique mobile subscribers, thanks to every mobile app development agency cropping up all over the globe. So, what is the future of the mobile market over the next decade?

What technology is the future?

With 5G technology already approaching gadget markets, video content transfer and download is going to grow rapidly, as is the use of voice search, AI, etc. This is also owing to the production of content and increased user interactions, thanks to social media.

Where is everything going?

The future of mobile applications can be divided into three main blocks.

• Efficiency and speed: 62% of the millennial users already prefer using apps to purchase and view products due to the high degree of personalization of offers and the speed of the transaction. It’s only going to get more intensive.

• Profitability: Mobile apps help create a precise database about the users, their preferences, and their choices. For the creators, this database is the main source of profits. In fact, 72% of media resources that noted this precise data for brands recorded a surge in the sales by more than 50%.

• Reliability: Apps have to become more reliable in order to garner more accurate information. Users who receive important and relevant content from their apps are readier to disclose their personal data and interact more with the app.

How will users influence the apps?

The average number of installed mobile applications in one smartphone is 35, but only 5 of them are often used. To keep up with the rapidly developing market, every mobile application development agency and all developers must ensure more focus on consumer requirements. Users now expect more personalisation and their existing decisions must be taken into account.

In the future, due to the intelligent integration of data transfer tech and services, applications will be created to realise these capabilities. For example, location-based apps that allow more effective targeted ads and ‘on the go’ mobile payment apps are rapidly growing and becoming popular to cater to the users.

How will the apps influence users?

Apps will become lifestyle for users. Even today, apps that make the users life easier are a part of their everyday life. In the future, developers are going to focus on getting there. By 2025, it won’t be strange to have entire businesses identify solely as a ‘Fitness app development company’ or ‘Drink Water App Development Company’ or more.

Some predictive stats for you: by 2022, the turnover of the mobile app ecosystem will amount to 5% of the GDP of the globe and get to $4.6 trillion. According to Forbes, industry services will be used by 5.9 billion mobile subscribers or 71% of the expected population of the Earth by 2025.

That’s a big number. If you have a business, becoming a part of that ecosystem is important. Meet with top app development companies and discuss how your mobile app can be tailored to your business needs. Personally, I would suggest going for companies like 3 Sided Cube or Street73 who specialise is developing premium, user-friendly mobile apps without draining your budget.

What Is So Best About SEO Packages That Will Brighten Your Day?


These days, all types of users prefer to use Google and other search engines for their different types of requirements. But from a business point of view, it becomes really important to make yourself available for the users in the search engine result pages. Still wondering how? Just get the best SEO packages for your website and you will get better chances of achieving that topmost position on the first page of Google. It works with the motto of optimizing of your website in such a way that Google spiders and robots visit your website & in return you will get the better and improved results.

3 Ways To Get Digital Marketing Services In USA

When it comes to energizing your business and providing it with a detailed platform to build on, there is only one question to which one million US dollars must be answered and considered seriously, while the looking for any seller can affect the issue. How to choose the appropriate digital media promotion agency for the visibility of your business? Here’s a brief list of basics to keep in mind as you’re about to start a digital promotion agency.
Here, the key factor to keep in mind is that a promotional agency will build or perhaps devastate your full name. For this reason, it is actually necessary to choose a digital USA marketing company diligently. Another necessary factor is that those companies that plan to be | those are where you are going to invest as quickly and as little as possible. So here’s how you should hold the checklist when hiring and what you should look for when hiring an organization for you.
Check with the results of the exam:
Achieving the desired results is a requirement for you, while paying a business to affect your digital marketing activities. For this reason, when you are looking for a digital media agency in the central United States or in other parts of the world, you should consult the opinions of existing or former customers regarding the services offered by the company. If you discover that the company does not inform the hard wins, move and appear for an organization that will give the requested.
Company experience:
When you’re about to rent an organization so you can affect your digital marketing activities, look for one with additional expertise. The more expertise they have, the more they will be ready to respond to you based on your goals. Although success is very important, operating with a stronger company could be a good plan. It is necessary to note that the company you are considering should have the necessary expertise in your field. As an organization with many years of expertise in e-commerce in the tax area, it is not entirely appropriate to adapt your mode completely unless the company has expertise in SEO. in several dimensions.
References count
Ask people around you to recommend the appropriate company that already serves one of the brands in your direct or indirect circle. If any of your company’s abuse treatment services in the same industry as your peer group, keep it informed of your thought list. Also, keep in mind that any company that has had a whole series of winning contracts could have a generally poor performance. So, you will see his current and past customers for more details.
These domains bring together a number of ways you will look at and choose a digital media agency to rent them to provide you with services for your brands. you should also consider their promotional techniques and tools, their area of ​​specialization and whether they perceive your values, etc. or not. An excellent and targeted promotion usually achieves huge goals and also facilitates with overflow and growth. These agencies are cost-effective when it comes to hiring internal teams and are ready to offer you an exceptional experience of your digital marketing business in the United States.

10 Fastest Ways to Find Promo Codes That Work in 2020

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With the holiday season coming up and online shopping peaking, every penny saved matters. While most online shopping sites offer festive discounts and deals, we all look for some extra savings.
Here are the best 10 websites that save you big bucks, compiled after extensive research and inside tips from one of the best digital marketing strategy agency in London.

1. Honey
An excellent extension to add to your browser, Honey finds the best prices on items of all major retailers and sellers, offering cashback as well. You don’t have to work to find the best offers – Honey does it for you.

2. Groupon
Groupon offers heavy discounts not just on great goods but also on local activities, food outlets, spas, and more. Use it during the festive seasons for the best deals.

3. Swagbucks
The largest reward website that gives consumers gift cards in return for their online activities. The points earned for different online activities can be cashed for a gift card.

4. RetailMeNot
More than 70,000 retailers and brands offer about 600,000 discount coupons and connect with millions of customers through the RetailMeNot marketplace, making it the largest portal for discounted coupons.

5. Promo Code Watch
Real-time codes tracked through various social media platforms are brought into the Promo Code Watch database. This gives consumers the most updated and accurate collection of online promotional codes, unique savings, and offers.

6. Fat Wallet
Fat Wallet finds the most recent coupon codes and sales, bringing in deals from about 1,700 online stores that are not both popular and trusted.

7. Woot
Woot provides daily deals on various items and short term sales in 11 different categories. They have cool stuff on best sales until midnight right on the front page of the site.

8. PriceGrabber
PriceGrabber categorises the items and compares the prices with more than 2,000 retailers online, giving the consumer the lowest price possible.

9. Ebates
Ebates offers up to 40% cashback to users from over 2,000 stores, providing more than 10,000 coupons on both their site and app.

10. SlickDeals
SlickDeals is the most trusted online community to rate, review, and share coupons and deals. Users share the best deals and find better on the platform.

To make the best use of the offers, use more than one of the methods and get the best deals. You don’t need to go out of the way to consult a social media management company to understand how it works.

Bonus: Sign up for the website’s newsletter. 9 times out of 10, the welcome email will usually include some kind of promo code or coupon. Enjoy shopping!

9 Simple But Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

best digital marketing agency in London

Trying to obtain and attract readership is a hurdle every website or blog owner has jumped through at some point. It doesn’t matter whether you are the best digital marketing agency in London or a fresh start-up, readership is something that needs to be constructed carefully.

Blogging is one tool of bringing an excellent number of visitors to your website, creating a social networking audience, and making an impression on customers. But how to make them reach an audience?

1. Promote your blogs with Social Media:

Share new blogs across all your social networking platforms. This boost on your own networks can develop into some of your best traffic resources.

2. Find your Niche:

Be clear about who your target audience is, what they wish to see and what particular messages that you wish to convey. This will attract a clear traffic to your site.

3. Indulge in Catchy Titles:

The cover is almost as important as the book – lure your readers with catchy, attractive headings of solutions. Think of the titles you would click to read and take an example.

4. Play with Images:

Many studies have concluded on how images in blog posts positively affect readership. It serves as both a visually attractive element and an element for SEO with keywords in the Alt Picture tag on the image. Just be careful to use royalty-free images.

5. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords:

Keywords are the core of SEO. Include a keyword plan for every blog you write. Add it to the title, inside the blog at least twice, at a featured image, and in the webpage link. Tell Google what the page is about and let it get more traffic.

6. Interlinking is Good:

Linking to external websites cited on your blog will help build your credibility with both Google and the visitors, giving them resources and tools to know your authenticity.

7. Social Media Sharing Buttons:

At the top and bottom of the blog, put in all the major social media sharing buttons to both invite and simplify spreading the word for the readers.

8. Guest Blogging:

The more you blog at other external websites and invite other resources to blog on your site, the better you build links and credibility for both Google and the readers.

9. Write, Update, Repeat:

Research says the more you update, the more traffic you will get. Google gives higher priority to websites that have new content, so update your site at least twice per week.

If you’re an individual, I suggest looking at the blogs by the digital expert Neil Patel. If you’re a digital marketing agency, have a look at the blogs by Street73. They have some good promotional ideas that can help boost your traffic.


Top 10 Website Trends in 2020

Did you know? 48% of people mentioned in a recent survey by Statista that a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding the credibility of a business. Whether you are a web developer, a website development agency, or simply someone with zero technical knowledge, this is for you. These are the top 10 trends to include in your website in 2020.

  1. Personalised UX

Before beginning your website, know who you want to visit and what they would like to see. Make it personalised and keep it simple.

  1. Voice User Interface (VUI)

This will make your website super interactive and easy to use – attracting a lot customers especially if you’re an online shopping platform.

  1. Quick Loading Speed

According to a study by Soasta, web pages that load in 2.4 seconds have a bounce rate of 12.8%, whereas the pages that load in 3.3 seconds experience a bounce rate of 20%. Enough said.

  1. Trendy but Simple Design

Seriously, find some high resolution, good quality images. They completely take your site to another level. Some good stock sites you can check out are:





  1. Oversized Lettering, Bold Typography 

Use big and dramatic fonts that don’t look complex to the eyes. Make sure it’s still readable and enhances the user experience.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

If you’re a site that aims at selling, this is an excellent option for you. Features like a ‘virtual mirror’ that lets customers ‘try’ products before purchase are a sure hit.

  1. Sticky Elements

Social media buttons, newsletter subscription bar, search bar, chatbot icon, etc. should be made into sticky elements.

  1. Chatbots

This is a great interactive option to include on your site if you want to connect with and assist users.

  1. Geometric Shapes, Asymmetric Layout

Geometric shapes and infographics like circles, squares and triangles should be included in your web design.

  1. Security

The most important on the list is security in the cyber space. Give your users the benefit of knowing their information is safe. Invest in an SSL certification.
Designing a good website is not easy but it’s very important to create the right first impression. Unless you are a developer yourself, I sincerely advise investing in a good website designing agency or a good web development company wherever you are. For instance, If you looking for web design company in London I recommend to everyone Street73 and Digivate. Although one is a digital marketing agency in London and the other a digital solutions agency, they design and develop some of the best websites without ripping your pockets.