How can certifications improve your career in Human Resources?

Every person who is trying to build a career in human resources is often curious about the fact that whether certifications are necessarily required to get a job in the HR field. So, I am writing this article to help such people understand the importance of certifications in the HR industry and how they can assist them in making a successful career.

If you ask me that whether its mandatory to earn an HR certification to get an entry-level job in human resources, then my answer would be ‘no’. You don’t really require a specific degree or certification to become a part of the HR world, however, getting a certification can make your journey in the HR industry much simpler.

I understand that It is a huge commitment to begin with an HR certification program as it requires you to spend a considerable amount of time & money on it, however, what you need to understand is that by getting a certification from institutes like the HR Certification Institute or the Talent Management Institute, you can majorly enhance your value in the eyes of your prospective employers.

Why is it crucial to have a human resources certification?

First of all, there is a fierce competition going on in the job market as to who gets a better job position in a better organization. And certifications help you stay ahead of your competition by making you look appealing to employers looking for competent and certified people.

Moreover, if you check out several job postings, especially in big cities, you will notice that certifications are mentioned as qualifications needed from applicants trying to find jobs in the human resources industry. And this trend is catching on in various parts of the world which makes it beneficial for you to get a certification to get placed in a good job role.

Is it true that HR professionals with certifications earn more?

Yes, it is true. Professionals holding HR certifications are offered more salaries than their non-certified competitors in the job market, as per Though this salary gap is not very evident in entry-level jobs, as you go higher on the corporate ladder, this difference becomes more prominent.

The main reason why professionals earn certifications like the Associate Professional in Human Resources or the Talent Management Practitioner is to showcase their qualifications & skills on their resume so that the employers can see their seriousness towards their profession.

Your career graph will also depend on the city you are staying in. For example, if you are working in places like New York, Houston, Miami & Boston, you will receive exciting opportunities to work for top firms that are ready to pay big bucks to their HR professionals.

How do you decide which HR certification to go for?

There a variety of human resources certifications on the market but the eligibility of each certification is different & your education background will decide which certification you will be qualified to earn. Before choosing any certification in HR, you also have to consider your requirements for an HR certification program’s coursework.

You have to understand that it takes time & money to earn a certification from any reputed institute in the world. Apart from the course fees, you will be required to invest money in buying study & project material & spend a decent amount of time in preparing yourself for the exams.

If you have a solid HR plan in your head that involves you becoming an established & successful HR leader in a top ranking company based in a large city, in that case, getting a certification is absolutely advisable.


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