Bubble football, a new sport that unleashes passions

First it was the “heads”, a kind of table tennis played with the head, and now it’s football’s turn in bubbles. The appearance of new sports modalities is fashionable in Singapore and its practice is booming in our country.
Oddly enough, football can also be played in a bubble of 1.50 meters in diameter, a sports modality that already has federated competitions in northern European countries and other continents. In Singapore, this practice is newcomer and there are still very few who are now engaged in offering this sport and leisure activity.
One of them is in Almería and his name is Luis Sánchez. He is the founder of Footbubble, a company that has only a couple of months to live and organizes meetings to practice the activity. This sport, explains Luis, “is the same as conventional football but with the characteristic of going inside a Bubble bump Singapore that avoids hurting you.” This bubble is one and a half meters in diameter and the clamping is done using a harness. The feet are exposed to hit the ball and the head also has an opening: there is a cylinder between the person and the bubble through which the air runs, and although the sensation can impress and even overwhelm at first, the Adaptation is very fast and you can breathe without any difficulty.
You can play both on grass and indoor soccer and the ball is the same as in an eleven football game. In football in bubbles everything goes. There are no faults, so the objective, in addition to scoring a goal in the opposite goal, will be to avoid the impacts that rival players will subject us and for which we will be more bouncing or circling the ground.
The bubble cushions the blows, so the damage is also minimal. This peculiarity is what makes this sport special that begins to be known in Singapore. “Bubble football simply consists of having fun without harming yourself,” says Luis Sánchez, adding that “people are curious to see what this sport is about and have a great time.”
This is the case of David Ruiz, who was unaware of the existence of football in bubbles and leaves the activity completely exhausted but more than satisfied by the experience. «At first it is difficult to breathe, but you adapt soon. It is a very fun discovery, especially for meetings of friends; It is something different. There is a mix of sports like football and rugby and it entertains a lot, ”says this participant. It is still too early to know if one day there will be a federation and national competitions in Singapore, as they do in other countries, but what is certain is that the first steps of this activity carry flag fun.