Broadband Modem

Before heading onto what broadband modem is, let’s refresh what a modem is:

Modem: Modulator-Demodulator is a hardware device used for networking. It modulates digital data into an electric signal and transmits this signal over telephone lines to be demodulated on the receiver’s end.

Also, do you recall what the difference between a modem and a router is?

Being two of the most common computer peripherals, they are sometimes used interchangeably but they are not the same things. A router is s box-like device that can be used to join multiple computers to join same internet services. While a modem is that device which provides access to cable or DSL internet.  Modems have connections similar to a TV or a cable box.

Basically, your device connects to internet through these devices arranged in a manner below:

PC or Wireless Device → Router → Modem → ISP → Internet

 broadband modem

What is a broadband modem?

A broadband modem is a computer modem which is used to connect a computer to the internet through cables or DSL internet service. It’s commonly used to deliver high speed internet services. Broadband modems are available in three forms:

  • Cable
  • DSL
  • Wireless

As opposed to those old school dial-up, traditional computer modems that are used for low-speed internet service. Dial-up internet connections are not in use by the public in general anymore though.

As you go around the world you will find that each country, state and province has its own internet speed and broadband technology, which causes the internet to slow down. But these all connections are still termed as broadband modems.


Wired Broadband Modems

Wired Broadband connections come in two forms as fibrenet does not use a modem:

  • Cable Modems: A cable modem or a wired modem connects a home computer to the cable television lines for internet connectivity through the residential cable system. Standardized cable modems support DOCSIS.
  • DSL Modems: These modems connect to public telephone lines in residence for internet connectivity.
  • Fibre-Optic Broadband: This is a super-fast technology that provides high-speed internet access for your daily internet needs. Plastic or glass cables used in fibre optic offer faster data transfer rates than copper wires.

Cable and DSL modem both transmit data over physical lines made for analog communications. Fibrenet, though does NOT require a modem for internet connectivity. Fibre optic cables support all digital communications. For people living in Oman, fibre net internet fixed broadband services are offered by AWASR for high speed internet connectivity.


Wireless Broadband Modem: This device is also called a mobile hotspot, connects to 3G or 4G cellular internet services. Smartphones can technically be used as wireless modems when on tethering mode (connected to another local device)


Use of Broadband Modems:

Like set-top tv boxes provided to you by a cable service, modems to are provided to you by ISP companies. Some modems are also routers to offer a complete package. If your company has given you this device, it’s likely they will also hold you responsible for its safekeeping. When you cancel your connection with a provider, you are supposed to hand it back.

 broadband modem

Summary: This article is based on broadband modems, their types, and their usage. We have simplified all the complicated sounding internet terms to give users a picture of how one thing differs from the other. You will find the definition of modem, router and finally a broadband modem and its types. Broadband modems come in three forms; Cable, DSL and Wireless. If we classify these modems based on their types; there are wired and wireless broadband.

The wired broadband has cable and DSL modems that use telephone lines and television cables to connect to the internet without disrupting the actual service. Fibrenet is a wired connection but it doesn’t require a modem. Wireless broadband or hotspots are used to connect to the internet on a cellular device.

So you see modems are important as they provide a device the gateway to an internet service. For people living in Oman, AWASR provides the modems at the time of initial connections so you will not need to buy it for yourself.

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