Up the Brig. Plus an unexpected session

At the weekend we went to watch a football match (our kids and their footy team were ‘mascots’).  It’s was just a local club in a semi pro league (the mighty bamber bridge FC aka BRIG).


It was a good day out, the boys enjoyed it..and so did the mums and dads.   But it was what happened after the match that I thought I’d share with you.


You see, after the full time whistle had the gone the players left the field, everyone either went in to the club house or went home (we went in to the club house).  The flood lights were still on so a few of the bigger boys that had been watching start to kick a footy around on the pitch, which obviously meant green light for go as far as our boys were concerned.


So off they went on to pitch for a kick around.  As a few more joined in they decided to have a match! Basically bigger boys against our lot…totally unfair but they all seemed perfectly happy with the teams.


Now when you are 9 and 7yrs old the prospect of playing on an 11 a side pitch in a ‘proper’ ground was exciting…and everyone was super giddy (apart from the groundsman..haha…but he gave up trying to stop them after a couple of futile attempts!!).


They must have played for about half an hour or so…bearing in mind an 11 a side pitch is big when you’re 37 never mind 7!  They ran and ran and ran…they must have run up and down the full size pitch sooo many times, I was getting tired watching them asmeninis treneris kaune .


We finally dragged them off the pitch to go home…they were whacked!


Now, why am I telling you that…?


Well, they must have done the equivalent of a super hard, leg busting, lung busting training session…they worked so hard.  Yet they didn’t even realise they were working hard because they were loving it, enjoying it and having fun  .


Contrast that to my son’s, friends’ dad who has decided to get a bit fitter and lose a bit of weight etc…this January. He text me saying he had done 20mins on the cross trainer on the Saturday morning before we went to the footy, along with a little blast the night before.

I obviously told him well done.  Then I asked him how it was…he said it was a bit boring and didn’t push himself too much but at least he had done something.


Now, it’s great that he is doing something and that warrants encouragement…it’s more than he was before. BUT, what is the major problem (or 2 problems) that is going to hit him soon…?


YUP, his new year motivation will drop…and he is going to get bored, start to resent the cross trainer in his spare room and by Feb it could end up being a clothes horse!


So the key message is to take a lesson from the boys…by all mean start an exercise program…but do your best to find something that you enjoy, something that you can ‘get in to’, something that is fun most of the time, makes you feel good, you can progress in and something that you can see yourself continuing for a long time in to the future…!


Make an effort to find those things and you won’t have to rely on new year motivation/will power etc… it’s something you look forward to and becomes part of who you are and what you do.


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