A Brief On The Different Types Of Websites

Many times calls are received by the web development companies from prospective clients stating that they want them to develop their website. The very first question which the Web Development Company experts ask to clients is that what type of website they are looking for. In most cases the clients failed to answer the same which makes it difficult for the developer to understand the exact requirement. To make it simple for such group of people about the available types of websites here is a brief.

  • Static or Non-editable brochure website
  • Editable brochure website: This type of website is in need of content management system or CMS.
  • Editable and dynamic website: This type of website has maximum user engagement and can be self managed via its content management system.
  • E-commerce site: This type of website comes with a payment gateway which can be PayPal, Stripe or even the reputed banks like Barclays, HSBC and many others.
  • An advanced web application: This is a bit complicated but advanced version of website. If you are in search of a website which is having lots of bespoke functionality then that website will be considered under this web application category.

You need to decide as exactly what type of website you are looking for based on the fact as what you want your website to do for you. Website Development Companies in Mumbai can help you in shaping the perfect website for your business based on your business niche and after making the research on the sites which belongs to your industry. You need to make sure that you are hiring one of the best service providers of the industry.  You can research and check the reviews of the clients who availed services from the companies to find the right company for your assistance.

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