Braces Singapore

Braces Singapore

We have unique types of braces, ceramic & metal braces in Singapore.Our dentist can help improve your smile with confidence.

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Dr Wee Teng Yau, Orthodontist Singapore.
We specialise in many types of braces: Ceramic Braces, Metals braces, and many more.Your smile is important.
You use it everyday to communicate non-verbally, in your social and work life.
Your smile is your brand. What does it say?

Benefits of having straight teeth


Beautiful Smiles….Go a Thousand Miles

Dr. Wee Teng Yau

Orthodontist Singapore
BDS (Singapore). MDS Orthodontics (Singapore). M Orth RCS (Edinburgh)
Hi there, I’m Dr Wee Teng Yau, a specialist in orthodontics (dental braces). I graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2002 and worked for 2 years as a general dentist before starting my specialist training in NUS. That took 3 years of “nothing-but-braces” before I obtained my masters degree in orthodontics. I am also accredited by the Dental Specialist Accreditation Board (MOH) as an orthodontist and practice solely orthodontics.

I treat patients with all types of orthodontic problems, ranging from those that require routine braces, to patients with severe jaw problems that require a combination of braces and jaw surgery. Different treatment options are available, such as normal metal braces and ceramic braces, self-ligation braces (Damon system) and Invisalign.

In my practice, I place a lot of emphasis on proper diagnosis to accurately determine what the cause of the patient’s concern is. Many patients are focused on only their teeth, but frequently the problem is contributed partly by an underlying soft tissue or jaw issue. This is important to know in order to derive an effective treatment plan. It also affects the final results of treatment because it poses limitations to how much braces alone can do.

Orthodontics is a fulfilling job. It doesn’t only make people smile, it makes them smile….better. Occupational hazards? Well you get bitten accidentally (i think) sometimes, but a happy patient on the day of braces removal makes it all worth it. Don’t worry, I’ve still got all my fingers.

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