Bow Tie Diamonds – Shadows in Fancy Cuts

Round brilliant cut diamonds are a standard to which other cuts are compared. Fancy brilliant cuts are jewels that use guidelines different from the round brilliant. These gems can be a variety of shapes. Some of the more popular ones for diamond rings include hearts, pears and marquises.

Fancy brilliants aren’t as strict as their round counterparts. There is no set girdle diameter, outline or facet number. This can lead to unique looks in the same cut, while some traits appear in multiple shapes. Linked triangular shadows known as bow ties may appear, depending on the cut and outline.

Bow ties are a quirk of depth. If a diamond is shallow or very deep, light has trouble reflecting evenly through the gem. This manifests as bow ties in the middle of the jewel. Depending on the stone’s depth, the bow ties may be small, large, grey or black.

There are diamonds for every preference. Some people may find bow ties distracting. Others might find them whimsical. Still more may enjoy a diamond without having an opinion on bow ties. Thoughts will vary by person and jewel.

When selecting jewels for your diamond bands, make sure to look at the gemstones. If you are unable to see them in person, ask to see photographs. It’s easier to find a diamond you enjoy. Stores will provide information such as carat, cut quality and more to help you with your decision.

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