Blocked drains Reading

blocked drains Reading-Reasons and precautions

Drains are present everywhere. Under roads, big buildings, at homes, in small apartments and so on. Without drains, the life of everyone will become miserable. Now the question arises, As, no one like to face drain related issue, what we all do to keep drains in shape? The answer is nothing. Everyone ignores the signs that tell the drain is about to block and keep using it until the problem gets serious. Extreme serious that we need to hire Blocked drains Reading experts.

Here in this article, we will learn about what causes blockage in drains and how you can prevent any drain to get a block.

Reasons for blocked drains

  • First, we will talk about outside drains. Them main reasons these drains get block when tree roots, leaves or dirt stuck inside the pipe. It happened because many don’t pay attention to clear their gardens or house driveways properly. On the roads we unable to keep an eye on what is going inside the drain.
  • Now let’s talk about the reason, because of which toilet drain gets blocked. People didn’t consider throwing tissues, wipes and other products in the dustbin. But they prefer to dispose of them in a toilet drain. They create a blockage in the toilet and most of the time the toilet gets overflowed. It is when a person immediate help of experts who give blocked toilet reading
  • The common complaint that housewives have is that their kitchen sinks get blocked without any reason. The blockage in the kitchen drain is not only happening with solid items. We regularly wash utensils that have oil on them. This oil stick in the pipes and cause blockage. Also, no matter how careful someone will stay, some particles of vegies or other stuff went inside the drain and you don’t even notice.
  • Hair falls can happen to anyone. If you are the one who is safe from a hair fall, still while taking bath some of your hair falls. These hairs find their way into the drain and start gathering in one place. After sometimes, the hairs took a shape of the ball and didn’t allow the water to go through the drain in a flow, which causes slow drainage or even blockage at time.
  • The other cause of blockage is old pipes. Some pipes are under the ground, they get damaged and start to leak. From the point water is leaking things went inside the pipe and cause blockage or most of the time water didn’t come from the tap in a flow.

How to avoid blockage

You can avoid blockage in drains by doing simple things, like

  • Always put lids on the toilet drains. Not at the time when you are doing business but after that. Especially if you have small children at home. As they some times through toys in the toilet in your absence. These toys stuck deep inside the toilet and cause a blockage. So, follow this tip to stay secure.
  • If you notice that any pipe around your home is leaking, then turn off the main pipe immediately. It will not only save the water from getting waste but also prevent further damage that causes serious blockage. Also, seek professional help for drain unblocking reading services Asap.
  • Always stay alert about what is getting inside your Drain. Keep a keen eye on that as it is the common thing that causes drain problems.
  • While washing dishes or using the toilet keep an eye on the flow. If you feel like it is slower than usual, seek expert help.
  • It is very good if you hire professionals once or twice in a year, to inspect in detail all the drain pipes around your home and clean them properly. The experts have powerful fluids that are made to clean drains. The good part is that they didn’t damage the pipes but keep them in perfect condition.

The experts inspect the inside of the drains with special cameras. It becomes handy because they don’t have to change a whole pipe to solve an issue. They only tackle an area that needs repairing.


Taking these precautions and hiring plumbers at the right time will save your hard-earned money. It is because they will end a problem without allowing it to increase.