Best Signals for Cryptocurrencies

Find the best Signals for cryptocurrencies & cryptohopper@ You can use our crypto trading signals to make good long-term decisions.

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Crypto Trading Signals for long-term success!


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Why use my trade signals?

✔ Clear Entry and Exit Signals
With the recommendations of my system, you know at the beginning of the week, clearly what to do. In addition, based on the history of up to 100 cryptocurrencies, it is clear that the recommendations will develop positively over time.
✔ Testet on up to 100 Crypto currencies
The trading system is used on up to 100 crypto currencies, with the same parameters.The Currencies are most traded positive. This gives confidence and provides some basic robustness.
✔ Use the watchlist function
Add instruments of your choice to a watch list in order to always have quick and easy in view. For example, you could track the top coins easily.
✔ You have little time?
Are you working or do you have other things to do in life? Since we are active only on a Weekly basis, you also have time for other things.
✔ “Back and forth makes the pockets empty”
This adage is by Kostolany and also discloses that too frequent trading, because of the fees, can be expensive. My system trades only on the begining of the week and this is very robust against costs like spread, commission´s or slippage.
✔ !!! Trade the main crypto currencys !!!
I will provide 100 of the top cryptocurrencies so you can trade the important coins.

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