Best Shopping Guide for Bridal Jewellery

As per reports, around 20% of the total sales volume of jewellery is accredited to diamond-studded ornaments, especially for wedding occasions. The demand for bridal jewellery is ever-changing and at its all-time peak. So are the associated expenses to it.

This is why more individuals are looking for ways to bring down the cost of their wedding plans. Resultantly, such endeavours also include an attempt to look for tips to buy bridal jewellery.

Regardless, to ensure that one can manage expenses of a wedding smartly, brides-to-be should apply these following tips to make the most of out of the available budget.

Choose classic designs

Opting for classic designs is undoubtedly one of the top tips to buy bridal jewellery. However, the key to achieving the look of a modern-bride with a traditional charm lies in mixing and match between stylistics. Therefore, one should look for designs with a classic charm but are also at par with the latest jewellery trends. However, while trying to achieve such a look, they should ensure not go over the top and defeat the entire purpose and end up adding too much clutter.

Take your apparel into consideration

Before buying a specific kind of jewellery, brides-to-be should take into account what they want to wear on the D-day. Next, they should think of its colour, design, and material. Also, they should try to coordinate their jewellery with the colour of their wedding apparel. Doing so, they would be able to pick something that would complete their ensemble effortlessly.

Nevertheless, if one intends to experiment with their wedding look, they may opt for a studded-jewellery that adds a popping effect to their otherwise sober apparel. However, one of the potent tips to buy jewellery for brides on a budget would be to spend less on their wedding apparel.

Pick something that compliments your skin tone

Brides-to-be should also take into consideration their skin tone before they decide to buy bridal jewellery of a specific kind. This being said, they should opt for cuts, designs, and colour that complements their skin tone and their facial structure as well. Also, seeking the help of a proficient makeup artist would come in handy while deciding which piece of jewellery would do justice to their aesthetics. Further, it will help them to pick a more suitable make-up look that enhances their vibe perfectly.

Occasion-specific jewellery

Mostly, Indian weddings are accompanied with a galore of rituals, customs, and ceremonies. While each ceremony holds a significant value for the newly-weds, it also requires the brides-to-be to adorn different traditional or otherwise appropriate jewellery.

Therefore, before purchasing bridal jewellery, you should understand the essence of each such ceremony and purchase jewellery to best suit your vibes. For instance, brides may choose to wear ornaments on their wedding day that have a traditional charm. However, for their reception, they may choose something that is more contemporary and chic.


Likewise, if the couple is set to have a theme-based wedding, they may consider purchasing bridal jewellery that fits the memo. For instance, if the theme is a Maharashtrian wedding, the bride-to-be may buy traditional Maharashtrian jewellery like Kolapuri Saaj, Nath, Putli haar, etc. Conversely, if one decides to opt for a beach wedding, they may opt for bridal jewellery with simple cuts and designs in solitaires.

However, those who intend to plan the wedding on a budget should try to go easy on jewellery shopping and further stick to sober designs. On a whole, it can turn out to be a feasible way to save money while planning a wedding. Less can be more.

Factor in your budget

Probably one of the best tips to buy bridal jewellery is to make a purchase, or rather, purchases within budget. Perhaps it can be more beneficial to avail gold-plated jewellery for the additional pieces other than the base necklace.

However, if the bridal jewellery price still does not come within budget, they may opt for alternative ways of financing it. For instance, those who have already availed a loan against property to fund their wedding may use a portion of the loan value to purchase jewellery as well.

Since this credit option does not come with any end-use restriction, it is a viable option to meet multiple wedding expenses with the loan. HFCs like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited provide loan amounts as high as Rs.3.5 crore at competitive interest rates.

This HFC also provides pre-approved offers on such loans which simplify the application process for borrowers. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing details like name and contact information.