Best Places to Visit on Safari

There are various places and dozens of national parks, game reserves conservancies to take a safari in. There are various parks like Serengeti national park safari, where you can see various species. Different parks have different accessibility of different species and different in the cost of accommodation.

Some parks provide you with easy access to family safari, friendly lodges, and inner explorer with wilderness camping. Few places in Tanzania are as beautiful as the Ngorongoro crater tour. The Ngorongoro crater is rarely visited in isolation and is a part of larger East African, Combining the wildlife and migration spectacle.

Some of the best places to visit on a safari are mentioned below:-

Addo elephant national park –

It is the third-largest national park in South Africa in which you can discover, experience, and explore a world of diversity in one park.

Chobe national parks –

It is the first national park located in North of Botswana. Here you can find the largest elephant population and Cape buffalo.

Ngorongoro crater –

Ngorongoro crater safaris are famous as it is the most concentrated density of wildlife in Africa.

Kruger national park –

It is the South African safari and one of the largest game reserve s in Africa. It is the best place for a vacation.

Etosha national parks –

Etosha national park is a national park in northwestern Namibia. Etosha National park includes lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, gemsbok, and eland.

The above mentioned are some of the best places where you can visit and have a good experience of traveling.