Best Marketing Strategies in 2018

digital marketing strategy

With digital marketing evolving at an exponential rate, new marketing trends are inevitable in this mobile driven era. This year, digital marketers will have to come to terms with an entirely different landscape. Digital marketers should get adapted to the new technological advancements like AI, IoT, AR and other technologies to successfully reach the audiences of their clients and gain an optimum outcome. In case, you are a business owner, hire the top digital marketing agency in Dubai or best seo agencies in Dubai who is aware of the emerging trends in digital marketing and who will be able to create a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most used digital marketing tool by every business. Marketers must create niche content to attract attention.  Content -rich marketing campaigns Videos, photos, infographics and interactive content on social media should attract the attention of the targeted audience.

Personalized content

Big brands will opt for personalized and unique content more than ever in 2018. 74% of marketers believe that targeted personalization enhances customer engagement.

Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing will be the emerging digital marketing trend in 2018.  Digital marketers will monitor customer`s purchasing path from the beginning of the purchase until the purchase is made and learn what compels them to buy. Based on the clear understanding of the consumer behavior from search to shopping, digital marketers will create their marketing strategies accordingly.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing will continue to be a top priority for digital marketers to reach their target audience through their mobiles, Smartphone. Digital marketers should implement the mobile marketing strategy to reach their target audience.


79% of customers would like to watch videos to know about a product. Live videos are a great way to connect with the audience. Social video engagement is reaching out to be the top marketing strategy in 2018. Market studies reveal that for marketers video has had a positive impact on their marketing results. Digital marketers, social media experts  should start posting more video content on social media platforms every month.


More and more brands are using Chatbots for customer services. This AI -based technology uses an instant messaging format to chat in real time with customers or site visitors. Chatbots are giving more results by engaging more audiences to the website. Consider a Chatbots that will facilitate the consumers to get useful information or transaction assistance.


The year 2018, the focus in on attracting millennials who are the next generation of consumers. Brands need to adapt their marketing strategies to cater to the more tech-savvy, millennial.


Augmented Reality will be used by different brands to establish better engagement with consumers

Voice Search

It is changing the way consumers are interacting with the world around them. Voice search plays an important role in providing all the relevant information through audio content. Many brands have included voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver value-based content effectively to their customers.

Micro Moments

With many on their Smartphones and checking social media, they will instant decisions with the help of Smartphones. Micro Moments as termed by Google is a new consumer behavior that delivers your message clearly and concisely that will interest the customers. An integrated marketing strategy should be woven around these micro-moments to ensure that the brands show real-time information to potential customers whenever they look for information or advice. It is important for businesses to address the micro-moments in 2018.

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