How are Best Companies Preparing for Tracking Applicants’ Subconscious?

Fads come and go. We are always on the hunt for the next big thing. We always try to find things that are unique and new and have the capabilities to change the world, as we know it. We might be working in the recruitment industry, the technologies universe, or financial services- but one thing common across the industry horizons is how to make change count.

The current scenario in the recruitment industry is the perfect example of how we want to know the inside out of an employee to know whether or not he/she will fit the culture, industry norms, and be able to perform. We have seen artificial intelligence foray into the recruitment industry through ATS, we have seen employee experience, candidate personalization and profiling, and what not?

The latest kid on the block is a psychological profiling of individuals which is known as the Cambridge Code. The largest corporations around the world are using this testing and profiling mechanism as reported by the Daily Telegraph. It tests an individual’s characteristics by way of a questionnaire which consists of 55 questions.

The test brings out the subconscious latent potential which when explored efficiently can lead to successful talent activation and absorption into the organizational landscape. These days the best HR certification around equips HR candidates with the right set of technical skills to handle such tests.

To see the data related to such a questionnaire is not leaked- is a matter of concern and privacy issues. Privacy, anyways, has been on the list of top agendas marking the legalities for recruitment industry in the last as well as the current year. You need people who can be trusted with data. To be precise, HR individuals who have completed the global HR certification courses and know how privacy breach can be detrimental to the health of the organization.

The test is a powerful tool to identify possible mental health concerns. It can even judge as to who looks perfect form the outside but can call in lawsuits for the company, in the future, if hired. The online assessment test takes about 30 minutes and so administration of it is not an issue. There are a lot of takers for the test owing to insightful knowledge it gives them about the candidates. The government departments are using it and so are FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) firms.

As we talked earlier about the privacy issues, here are some solutions lined up for you. Before finding other candidates to fit into the organization, you need a good HR team. You can start this by hiring from the top institutions providing global HR certification courses.

Alternatively, you can also provide in-house credentials of the best HR certification. Partnering with associations providing large-scale global HR certification courses is a win-win option for you. If nothing else works, you may take the help of recruitment agencies or executive search firms who guarantee you candidates with the best HR certification.


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