Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Having yellow or discolored teeth reflects the lack of good oral hygiene and professional dental care. Hence whitening your teeth can boost your confidence, portray a younger appearance, remove stains and show a sign of good health. There are many options for whitening in the market. Some can be done at home, while others at the dentist`s clinic.

Professional Teeth whitening procedures remove heavy stains from your teeth and allow patients to have a whiter and brighter smile. One of the most effective ways to remove deep stains and discoloration from your teeth is by using techniques like Zoom teeth whitening procedure that can last long as up to 5 years.  Cosmetic dentists use this popular bleaching procedure to lighten discolored tooth enamel and dentin. This method is the most popular whitening procedures used by cosmetic dentists in Dubai to achieve long lasting, dazzling results.


  • Quick and easy treatment – In this procedure, a whitening solution is professionally applied to your teeth and activated by a special light using laser technology which is directed at the teeth for 20 minutes. Then, the process of oxidation sets in. This makes the molecules inside the teeth undergo a change, wherein the molecules tend to reflect less light and appear white. The entire process requires only three applications and you are out of the dentist office in an hour`s time. This process is completed in one office visit.
  • Pain Free – This Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure is essentially a pain free treatment where one may experience only a slight tooth sensitivity during treatment.
  • Safe – Zoom procedure is safe for your teeth, gums and soft tissues. Your exposure to infrared rays is very limited and so you need not worry about suffering from a burn or other damage usually found in traditional laser whitening. Also using whitening products are not good for your enamel and make your teeth sensitive. However, with Zoom, you can be sure of its safe procedure.
  • Dramatic Results – With Zoom teeth whitening, it is possible to have an improvement rate of eight shades. It can powerfully increase the brightness of your smile. You can now smile with confidence.
  • Lasting results – Unlike at-home applications, Zoom Whitening proves to have lasting results. Once you have done the Zoom whitening procedure for your teeth, your teeth are gleaming white. During the procedure, your dentist will discuss how to avoid staining your teeth. You will be provided with instructions to follow for the first few days to keep your teeth white.

 Zoom teeth whitening in Dubai

If you live in Dubai, feel free to go to a dentist in Dubai who has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. He will discuss the steps involved in this popular Zoom teeth Whitening in Dubai procedure and also tell you about its benefits. You will experience the ultimate benefit of a beautiful smile by using this safe, affordable and effective treatment. It is generally an affordable option and its maintenance requires only minor touch-ups time to time.

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