Bender machine

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Pipe bending machine

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Bender machine

Is your desired machine operation not listed? Don’t worry, we solve all bending challenges! Although these are the types of bending machines that we usually get inquiries about.

Discover our powerful hydraulic powered three and four roll machines (SB3 and SB4 series) and also variable Geometery Machines (VSB3). The series is built with quality steel and perfectly matched components. In the standard range, machine shaft diameters go all the way from 55 mm up to 420 mm.

3-roll machines

SB3B (Section Bending 3 roll Basic) series offers seven different models ranging from 7 up to 600 cm3 (0,4 to 37 in3). The machines are extremely sturdy in design and have more power compared to any other section bending machine on the market.


SweBend has developed a series of four roll section bending machines, starting with the SB4B-55 and ranging up to the SB4-240S.

Type “B” is our basic model without guide rolls
Type “S” is with fully hydraulic guide rolls, allowing you to bend and compensate/correct all types of sections

Both types have the same geometry and capacities.

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