Bare Metal Server: Protection and Safety of Your Business Data

To choose the best hosting option for your business and to make the most of it, it goes without saying that you should be aware of every option you have with you. Most of the website owners are aware about the different types of web hosting terms like Dedicated web hosting, a Virtual Private web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting. Perhaps they have studied all these terms and chosen the web hosting for themselves. However, a lesser known term in the web hosting sphere is bare metal server. A bare metal is a cloud hosting term which works in synergy with the dedicated web hosting.

A bare metal server is that option that is needed in dedicated server will complete isolation from other servers and optimise the website’s performance to the fullest. It enhances the performance and makes the website quicker and more efficient. Let’s get to know are metal server in depth.

What is a bare metal server?

Bare metal indicates virtual hosting. The metal refers to the hardware of the hosting which is bare, that is, clean and without any software or operating system installed on it. This is different from other kinds of web hostings which run on operating system and connections to public cloud.

The bare metal server can thus be directly installed on any virtual machine and used. Bare metal allows full customization and complete isolation.

How does the bare metal environment operate?

The bare metal doesn’t have the operating system on it. Thus the website runs directly on the hardware. Thus only the website is run on the hardware and no other tasks are performed on the hardware. There are several benefits to the website from a bare metal server. They are:

  1. Customization: Using bare metal is very liberating. Since no operating system is involved, the hardware can be customised the way you want to. You can allocate all the resources only to one task or distribute it equally to all the tasks. You can customise the whole hosting the way you want to.
  2. High security: The bare metal server runs only on the hardware and thus no other software or application runs on it, there are no chances that the website data can be harmed by any other program. The website is extremely secure and doesn’t have any threat from any external malware.
  3. Cost effective: The virtual server, dedicated server or shared hosting might appear to be cost effective, but it is not. The resources get exhausted in running other programs on it. One data transfer from the website to the data centre and back to the website has to go through a lot of step while on the bare metal server, the communication is extremely direct. This reduces the time and the cost that goes in the operational part of the website.
  4. Better performance: The performance of the the website increases seven fold because the speed of the website is high. The waiting time for the user is very less, the website is always up and thus the website’s performance is extremely high.There are no overheads incurred as in the virtualization platform thus the website is very responsive.
  5. Scalability: Since all the resources are exclusively used by the website and there is no overlap of resources, the website is capable of handling more than the estimated traffic. This makes the website extremely fast and capable of handling spike in traffics.
  6. Higher rankings: The website that has high performance, quick response and less loading time, is ought to rank higher in Google’s algorithms. Thus the website will always attract traffic and  increase your business.

Along with all these plus points, if some down sides of the bare metal server are to be listes, we can say that the bare metal maintenance is not very easy. The virtual web hostings come with a Cpanel or some other applications that are easy to comprehend and handle.

Bare metal servers claim to be extremely secure and safe for your business and it is not a myth. Here’s how:

  • The bare metal servers are extremely secure because of their operation in isolation. Thus there is no effect on the website due to interference from any neighbouring website on the server. Thus the website is not prone to any malicious attack.
  • The data of the business that is extremely sensitive cannot be accessed or attacked by any software.The backend of the website is standing alone on the metal. Since there is no operating system, the directories and the data centres cannot be easily manipulated, deleted or copied. The paths to the directories are not traceable.

Thus, bare metal server is the best option if you need your website’s performance to be high and secured but in budget!

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