Traveling had been absolutely the best activities to free your mind from excessive stress and escape from occupied lifestyles. Planning out for some worthy weekend getaways is often important to bring in a difference. Few days on a Mahabaleshwar tour could be spent well. Hopefully, you may already know well about the place and the attractions here. However, a brief list of suggestions is always mandatory to realize what would be the best plans currently. Settled beautifully among the Sahyadri, Mahabaleshwar allocates you to an absolute scenic hill with pleasant atmosphere. Especially during monsoons, there is no better place to be visited in Maharashtra if you want to spend some time peaceful in the lap of nature and greenery. You will always have a long list of attractions to visit and explore here. You would be getting across numerous the exuberant landscapes, waterfalls and valleys exhibiting the extremities of nature’s elegance. This place had long been one of the favorites for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Knowing some more places around will surely let you plan for the best spent holidays.