Art Of Krishna Consciousness Which Encourage Your Life As A Artist

Art Of Krishna Consciousness Which Encourage Your Life As A Artist

Indian Sculpture Artist

Indian artists are not working with the mind’s eye some are working with the real world objective like deity Idol making. Idol making is just not an artwork, but it is work or good positive energies. Let me discuss more about that. The statue of deity is not crafted with the mind’s eye only they were moulded according to the Vastu Shastra which is defined in the Indian scriptures and mythology. I think now you have an obvious view of the sculpture artist and the deity Idol making artist. You can get your personalized sculpture of any deity, individual, animal, etc. in any material like marble, black stone, bronze, and many other. Contact our indian sculpture artist in India. Now let’s talk about the art of Krishna consciousness which encourage your life as an artist.

Krishna in Basohli Paintings

Basohli paintings are works of art from hilly regions. It originated from Himalayan mount kingdom of North India from Basohli Town in Kathua District, Jammu and Kashmir to the slight emotional Kangra paintings, which became identical to the style, before other school of paintings developed. These paintings reached peak of art with paintings of noble Radha and Krishna, enthused by Jayadevas ‘Gita Govinda.’ In particular Jayadevas Radha and Krishna served as an admired theme for Basohli paintings. It gave birth to a new phrase to Indian Paintings. You can see some of the best sculptures made my our bronze sculpture artist.

Divine Raslila in Paintings of UP

Folk Arts – Divine Braj Raslila, this art form is related to the life of Lord Krishna, who is personification of Lord Vishnu. As per scripture Bhagwat Purana, Shri Krishna along with guppies had danced the Ras on the beautiful banks of the Yamuna of Vrindavan. In the middle of the dance, he vanished excruciating the gopies who enacted his Lilas, which in phase of time came to be known as Ras Lilas . The core of this art form is Mathura, portrayed in the paintings.

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Lord Krishna Bhakti in Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra paintings are cultural painting of Odisha. Pattachitra paintings are motivated by Bhakti association. It circled around the Lord Jagannath temple. Pattachitra paintings are recognized for their bold and sharp lines and luminous colors. All colors used in paintings are pure natural. Natural colors made from green leafy vegetation, fruits, chemicals and dyes are used to make color combinations. Pattachitra is a Sanskrit word, Patta stand for canvas and Chitra means portrait. They are a feature of the rich, colorful application and creative design or pattern. Palm leaf is used, the leaves are dried and stitched, together to make a canvas. Painters use natural vegetable and mineral colors. They arrange their own colors from coconut shells and conch shells. Different size of bamboo sticks are customized by the artist to use as painting brushes.

Madhubani Art for Lord Krishna

Madhubani or Mithila painting is a technique of Indian Painting, practiced in the Mithila district of Bihar State and adjacent parts of Nepal. Painting is done using nib pens, fingers, brushes, twigs, match sticks, etc. using natural pigments and dyes is distinguished by eye catching shapes and geometrical patterns.

The painting was habitually done by village women on newly plastered mud walls and floors of the shelters, but they are also currently done on cloth, canvas and handmade paper. Madhubani paintings are made from crushed or powdered rice. Natural objects like sun, moon and Krishna paintings are extensively painted. No space is left unfilled, the gaps are packed with paintings of flowers, birds and designs.

These are some famous piece of art from India based on Krishna Consciousness. We have so many artist who really work with their dream to get your heart on. You can get your won customized logo sculpture, individual sculpture, deity sculpture for your temple etc. our organization The Vedic Temple Designer are involved in crafting world famous artworks. We are also have a professional team of hindu temple architect. You can check our website for more such information or you can consult our vedic temple consultant.