Are Architectural Panels Installed Simply For Aesthetic Reason?

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If you’ve seen some of the luxury residential and commercial buildings around the Chicago area you’ve probably noticed that they’ve gone away from traditional brick or siding on the exterior. The fact that you have noticed is one of the main reasons this trend is on the rise. When architectural panels are installed on the building it gives it a unique style that looks very high end and luxurious. A potential client or a future tenant is going to be drawn to that property just because of the professional look that the panels provide.

That raises a good question however, are the architectural panels and other remodeling upgrades such as galvanized steel guttering installed solely for their looks? Aesthetics are very important to the market value of a property – but is it the only attribute that these panels and similar products provide?

Never Underestimate Curb Appeal

Suppose for a minute that the only benefit of installing stylish architectural panels on your commercial or residential building was in fact the boost in aesthetics. That in itself is still going to have value, even if the ‘black and white’ of it is hard to decipher. Imagine you do own a rental property – the luxury look is seemingly going to attract more high quality renters. If the architectural panels are installed on your business customers come in with a solid first impression already ingrained into their mind.

Architectural Panels Provide Amazing Durability As Well

The only limitations in your architectural panel design is creativity. That being said, no matter how you decide to adorn your home or building you’ll be able to enjoy a durability that simply isn’t found in many other building materials. Architectural panels have an amazing strength to weight ratio while still providing a great look. It’s the same reason galvanized steel guttering is preferred to similar products in the industry.

When building with something such as a steel panel, the expected life span can legitimately be 40-50 years or more. The durability comes from the ability to withstand common impact such as hail, wind, and collisions. Not only that, these products repel water, deter insect damage, are fire resistant, and are just a solid overall product.

Architectural Panels are Cost Effective

For a product that provides as many benefits as the architectural panels do, it might be expected to pay a premium price. The truth is you have to incorporate the overall value of the product to really see if it’s a good expense or not.

For example, since the panels are lightweight and can cover a lot of ground in one sheet they have very low labor costs to install. After that, you have to factor in the durability and prorate the initial installation costs over 40-50 years or more to get your annual price for installation. Finally, with a combination of the durability and the curb appeal that comes from panels that have the appearance of stone, wood, metallic, and other pure colors there’s great resale value when it comes time to list. Basically, architectural panels are a lot like galvanized steel guttering – they’re a product you can enjoy now but also recoup some value on in the future.

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