Weekend trip to Nepal

A Weekend trip to Nepal for Removing Office Stress

Modern world has definitely taken a toll on people and their way of leading lives, even their perception of life itself. It was not many years back that people used to live slow paced but wholesome lives and issues like depression, stress; anxiety and panic were not very well known. With the bloom of the industrial revolution and everything materialistic, the pressure fell on the people of the working class.

The working classes are the engines of the industrial revolution and the industrial regime. The working class bears the pressure of making ends meet at a meager average pay while making up to the deadlines and pressure of the work which is not only physical but mental. When you are working in a typical 9-5 job you know that the routine that you lead your life with are shared by many other people who work in the same time frame.

Office expects you to be seated in a single place for a long time with small breaks which are limited. This leaves you with almost no time to spend on yourself and your interests making your lifestyle, stable, yet extremely stagnant. Even the stability discriminates between the ones who work in a private platform and those who work on a government platform. As one may know the private platform is a stable way of earning good amount of money but for this you have to be ready for a sudden firing for small issues and mistakes. If you are working in a government platform, they ensure your safety and security for the entire tenure of your job with the government.

Usually office workers are praying for a weekend break all days of the week. This is a secret that only the boss does not come across, but we know how it feels to be missing on action and movement in your life. And the only thing that is responsible for bringing about good change in your monotonous life is when you are allowed to take time and follow and focus on your interests and your desires. Killing desires would simply make someone a machine and we for one, are humans who need some time out and need time to unwind from overwork.

Do you feel like your life is so monotonous that you definitely need a break from your work? Does your mind need some time to unwind the complex emotions that you have bottled up within you? Does your body feel like it would work wonders in the hands of a chiropractor? And do you long to walk along the sides of the largest mountain ranges in the entire world? Do you want to touch and feel and breathe the pristine smell of the fresh alpine forests and see for once, hares and wildlife in real life rather than from behind computer screens? Well how about a great weekend in the Himalayan country of Nepal?

Nepal hosts about 70% of the entire Himalayan mountain ranges. The mountain range is the largest in the entire world and is hosted mostly by Nepal. The rest 20% is hosted by India and the remaining 10% by Bhutan. These three countries attest for three different Himalayan experiences all together. This is because of the amount of tribes and cultures inhabiting the Himalayas that make life colorful, sustainable, rich, and natural and varied in every 10-20 km of walking through the ranges.

Nepal is extremely rich in the flora and fauna as well. The amount of different wildlife that is bred by the waters and the land of the Himalayas are strong and extremely beautiful in their existence. It is believed that the abominable snowman the Himalayan yeti was seen walking the high realms of these mountain ranges.

The fauna that the pristine mountain breeds is rich in their medicinal values as well. Some of the rarest and the most medicinal properties can be found in the almost magical fauna collections that grow in the Himalayas.

Along with the rich flora and fauna, Nepal is famous for the amount of adventure activities that it offers to all the adventure enthusiasts. One can opt to bungee-jump, mountain-bike, mountain-ski, paraglide, and do many more activities all around Nepal.

Weekend trip to Nepal

Apart from the adventure activities for the adrenaline seekers, Nepal trekking tours attracts many trekking enthusiast from all over. Nepal hiking tours take you to the beautiful trail of Annapurna base camp trekking which is a great way to witness the many mountains in the Annapurna mountain ranges.

A short weekend trip to this blessed country would be the best and the healthiest way to unwind. So, next time you have a short weekend that you can spare for a vacation, take a bet on Nepal and explore the Himalayas at a throwaway price while making beautiful memories.