A Guide on How to Apply for Colleges in the USA for International Students

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Those with excellent grades are mostly aware they can gain admission to US colleges if they tried hard enough. What is not so widely known is that the average student may be successful too if they know how. The United States offers a wide variety of higher education institutions, many of which are excellent second opportunities for students with average grades to improve their academic performance while gaining more advanced diplomas. Many of these institutions offer high quality educational programs but are largely unknown to the Indian student body.

These opportunities are not obvious. They require considerable effort and due diligence to discover. While it is true that some can be found by chance, the fact is that they usually require more than a passing knowledge of the United States higher educational system. Having the assistance of professionals who know their way through the system may make the whole exercise less painful and more rewarding, especially since success at this stage is literally a life changing event.

Those with average marks looking for higher studies can choose the USA for fulfilling their dreams. However, international students do not have a thorough knowledge of the application process for applying to a university. The application process does not vary but the element differs only. The variation is seen only between levels and programs. So, the first thing to remember is when you should initiate the application process. Along with finding the deadlines, you must know when a student can go there to study. There are many things to consider before applying to an American college. 

Differing from the regular Indian colleges, American universities have a bi-semester system. Hence, the academic year is divided into 2 semesters. Therefore, the students can make the final call – are they willing to join in spring or fall? There are, of course, some basic requirements to abide by. For example, you should meet the minimum eligibility criterion regarding the English language. So, let’s take a look at the essential tips before you apply for colleges in the USA.

Make Sure You have all the Documents

When you are looking for the answer to “how to apply for college in USA for international students”, you should gather the necessary documents. Following is the list of documents required to be submitted,

  • Statement of Purpose and resume

  • Essays as required by the university

  • Portfolio for the architecture courses and art and design programs

  • Attested photocopies of mark sheets of XII and X.

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • Proof of funds

  • Photocopies of scores of GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT

If you are from India with at least 70% for Commerce/Science stream in class XII, you can apply for colleges abroad. The students in the Humanities stream need to have at least 65% in class XII. There are Foundation and Diploma programs available for the students who have earned below 60%. Therefore, students who do not excellent grades can academic help from the U.S. now.

Research and Find out Your Options

If you are going to the USA after finishing high school, you will be opting for post-secondary education. Now, post-secondary education comprises six degree levels – bachelor, master, associate, research doctorate, first professional, and advanced intermediate. The American education system only offers postdoctoral research programs and you cannot apply for a higher or second doctorate here. So, an international student needs to find an education advising institute in his/her country.

The worldwide institutes offer international students the much-needed advice on higher education opportunities in the USA. Then you can take the help of a specialized service that finds and compares colleges based on your marks. If you have a friend studying in the U.S. you can learn from his/her experience. Do not forget to verify whether the U.S. college of higher education in which you are willing to enroll.

Now, a confidential and professional service can assist the international students regarding college and program choices. The facility is personalized and you only have to pay a nominal fee. So, send an email to the service provider and secure your future in the right way.

Author bio: John McCauley is a guidance counselor and blogger who helps students make the right choice regarding their studies and careers. Here, he writes how to apply for college in USA for international students.