A Brief Discussion on Portable Air Conditioner

Have you heard about the new innovation in the field of AC world, the portable air conditioner?

A portable AC is one of the most innovative AC these days that you can install easily and take it from one place to another as it comes with castor wheels.

It is useful for people living in a small apartment who can’t install a window AC. If you want to discuss the portable air conditioner, then this article will help. Read on!

What is a portable AC?

As the name suggests, a portable AC is a type of air conditioner that is mobile. Unlike all other variants of AC, you don’t need to install it permanently. They come with castor wheels like an air cooler for hassle-free portability. They are also lightweight and may look an air cooler from a distance.

Do you need to vent all portable ACs?

Yes. Just like any other ACs, you also need all portable ACs to be vented in some or the other form. Portable ACs pulls warm air and cools it to expel the cool air out of the unit’s front. The remaining moisture and warm air go via the outside back of the unit. You need to vent out the moisture and warm air. Most commonly, the venting of warm air and moisture is done through a window.

Is a portable air conditioner really noisy?

Based on what you prefer, it can be a bit tough to answer! But because a portable AC comes with fan and compressor in a single unit (like a window AC), they may produce some noise while operating. While buying a portable AC from an outlet like Croma Store, Vijay Sales and more, you should consider the decibel rating or you can go through this AC buying guide. Most of them come with a dB level rating of 48-60, which may be the noise that gets generated while engaging in a normal conversation.

Are there any factors to consider while buying a portable AC?

Just like when you buy any other AC types in India, you need to consider a few points before investing in a portable AC too. Take a look:

  • Room size – The BTU of a portable AC unit tells how powerful it is, and it affects the room size and how quickly it will be able to cool. The higher is the BTU, the larger area a portable AC can easily cool.
  • Single and dual horse design – Single horse units drive out moisture and warm air and are easy to install. On the other hand, even double horse units are fairly fine to be installed, throws moisture and warm air while getting in more air to cool your space.

Are portable air conditioners energy-efficient?

If you need to use your AC for longer hours, then it is vital to know if the portable AC that you want to buy is energy-efficient or not. Hence, to do that, you should look at the energy efficiency rating of the AC, the higher it is – the more power it will be able to save.

Is it okay to cool your garage using a portable AC?

While it may not be recommended, if you can consider or manipulate a few aspects; it may work in your favour. On the other hand, if you wanted to use a portable AC in a server room, then it can be a robust cooling alternative.

Is portable AC available in India?

Brands like Blue Star, Koryo and Lloyd are offering an affordable range of portable air conditioners in India. With the passage of time and more companies looking to join, the advent of the portable AC is sure to catch the frenzy of customers in India.