7 Reasons you should start earning your summer body now

The clocks have changed, the evenings are longer, the temperature is slowly rising and the sun is starting to appear. Summer is coming, and although we may have the odd day or even week of cloud and rain, the summer holidays will be here before you know it, and now is the time to get started on getting the beach body you have always wanted. We are now almost two weeks into May, so if you have booked a July or August holiday, then you have 10-15 weeks to get summer-ready. Below are several reasons why you should start sooner rather than later. east london personal trainer

  1. Rapid weight loss – Your holiday or wedding is only a month away and you are panicking because you have left it very late to drop the excess fat you wanted to drop, therefore you look for any diet plan or training program that allows you to lose a significant amount of weight in a very short period of time. As a personal trainer, I do not advocate rapid weight loss, I despise quick fix fad diets and bullsh*t training programs that promise results in days. If these diet plans and training programs do deliver the results they promise which is unlikely, the chances are the person losing the weight will put it all back on later due to the plan being a temporary measure. But more importantly, rapid weight loss can lead to gallstones, malnutrition, an electrolyte imbalance, headaches, fatigue, irritability, dizziness, bowl problems, muscle loss and more. Research suggests that 0.5kg-1kg per week is a healthy amount of weight to lose. Depending on how much excess body fat you are carrying, 10-15 weeks is a good amount of time to drop a significant amount of weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  2. It may take longer than you think – Depending on your body type, metabolism, age, gender etc. Dropping the amount of weight, you wish to drop could take longer than you think. Two people can live similar lifestyles, follow the same training program and diet plan, yet one could lose up to 1kg of excess body fat each week, and the other could lose 0.1kg. Fat loss requires a caloric deficit, however, for some people consuming less calories than the recommended average for a man or women (2500 or 2000 respectively) can be enough, but for others, the quality of the calorie can massively impact their fat loss success. For example, refined and processed foods high in sugar can mess with your metabolism due to unstable blood sugar levels. So, by starting your fat loss mission in the supermarket and purchasing a wide variety of “perceived healthy
  3. You might have more excess fat than you think – You may look in the mirror and think you only have a few kg to drop before you get the beach body you want. But depending on how your body stores its excess body fat, you could be carrying much more than you think. Personally, my excess body fat goes everywhere. This is both a good and a bad thing. It means when I am carrying too much excess body fat it doesn’t easily show because it is not isolated purely to my gut, it goes everywhere.
  4. You could lose muscle mass if you leave it too late – Increasing muscle size and strength is a difficult thing to achieve, so once you have achieved it, you should work hard to maintain it. If you leave it too late to get your beach body you could end up trying to drop too much excess body fat too quickly, putting you in a constant state of catabolism and leading to your body breaking down muscle tissue. Whether you are a guy that has worked hard to gain shape to his arms or a lady that has worked hard to develop shape to her legs, you do not want to lose muscle strength. So, start earning your beach body now, workout regularly, eat a variety of essential nutrients and consume a few hundred less calories than the recommended daily amount.
  5. The sun – in the UK, we are not blessed with a huge amount of sunshine. Every year we all live in hope that July and August will bring daily sunshine and warm temperatures, but we could very easily get a couple of weeks of daily cloud and rain. Therefore, when the sun is out, you should get outside and enjoy it. It is so much easier to find the motivation to exercise when it is sunny.
  6. Long evenings – With the sun setting later each day it is not only easier to be motivated to get out and exercise, it is safe to do so too. I am very fortunate to have a large and very nice public park available to me only a stone’s throw away from my house. However, in the dark, cold and often wet winter evenings I have little motivation to run around a poorly lit park. But in the slightly warmer and much lighter May and June evenings, it is a joy to put on my headphones, listen to some music or one of my favourite rugby podcasts and go for a run. Make use of the lighter evenings to get out and go for a run or a cycle. Or you can even get a cheap suspension trainer, go to your local park and do a strength or HIIT workout (here is an example of an outdoor suspension trainer workout I did recently in my garden).
  7. Your health – Some people struggle for motivation to eat well and exercise, and some of us are fortunate to enjoy it. Either way, for most of us we care more about our appearance, than we do our health. Our health is arguably the most important thing in our lives, yet it is the one thing we are probably too often too complacent about. Well, whether your motive derives from vanity or not, your health will benefit. A lower body fat percentage, an increase in muscle strength and an increase in aerobic fitness provides too many benefits to list. This should be a good enough reason alone to start living a ‘healthier’ lifestyle, so don’t wait until next month, or the month after that, start now. Get your beach body and get healthier in the process.

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