6 Important Tips to Pick the Right Second-Hand Gearbox from Car Wreckers

Have you got grinding gears, a slipping transmission, or a car, which flat out and won’t shift into the number one or more gears? Then, there is a chance that you have got a bad transmission and you have to change it with a functional one. But brand new gearboxes cost a huge price that can cause a hole in your pocket. In such circumstances, buying a recycled one from auto wreckers will be a wise decision from your part.

Though there are several auto wreckers who offer Nissan gearbox for sale, finding the right one can be a cumbersome task. To help you, here we have put together a few tips that can help you to make the right choice.

  • Check the mileage

Checking the mileage is one of the great ways to understand whether the used transmission will be a worthy choice for you or not. Some of the wrecking yards may have professionals who will tell you how many kilometers were on the car that the gearbox salvaged from. You need to authenticate the mileage of the transmission to ensure that it is the right choice for you. You may ask for the VIN of the donar car the gearbox is from so that you can run a mileage verification analysis. Some auto wreckers may only have the year of the vehicle, so try to choose the newest ones. If the auto wreckers do not have such car records, it is better to go somewhere else.

  • Do a road test

As second-hand transmission comes from broken cars, it is more likely that it has not been road-tested. The ideal way to check a used gearbox is to do a road test so you can confirm if it shifts through all gears smoothly. You can perform this before the transmission is removed or on a transmission test bench.

  • Focus on a visual check

Visual inspection can also help you a lot to know about the health of the gearbox. So, you should focus on visual inspection. Check the gearbox properly and verify whether there are any noticeable signs of damage to the gearbox, such as cracks or something else. If you don’t find such signs, then you can consider having it if other things also consider it.

  • Ask for a warranty

You must also ask for or negotiate for a warranty. Warranties for a second-hand transmission can be annoying and may contain specific requirements based on the salvage yard. Most of the auto wreckers offer an extended warranty, but it varies. So, ask for the warranty and if you find it suitable for you, then go for the next process.

  • Check the leaks

Another point to watch out for when purchasing second-hand transmission is the leakage. Check the fluid level of the gearbox and add some more to see if any drips out after a while. Don’t even purchase a transmission, which leaks unless you have to tools and have the expertise in repairing.

  • Ask for the report

Some auto wreckers are well-acquainted with the history of the gearbox. Ask to see this gearbox to find out if there are any risk factors. You can also go through the online report that will give you a rundown of where the vehicle has been and in case there are any transmission-related car accidents.

These are some of the most useful tips that you should follow when buying used gearbox from car wreckers Melbourne. Keep these in mind and consider this, you will definitely able to buy the right used gearbox for your car.

Author bio: Andrew Smith is a popular blogger on car wreckers Melbourne. Here, he has highlighted a few tips that you can consider when buying gearbox from auto wreckers who offer Nissan gearbox for sale.