5 Top watch brands in India to invest

As watches are considered to be the most prized possessions which are highly valued when gifted by relatives, parents, grandfather or closed ones. In India, gifting watches is seemed to be the most appreciated things to the closed ones. As time is money, each and every Indian would rather love to invest in the best possible manner applicable. If you are looking to gift someone special then you can choose from some of the top watch brands mentioned below in order to have best relationships with those. After you will read the article, you will be able to check reviews, brands, price, after-sales service and other well-established brands in India. There is the number of outlets in India where customers can find luxury brand watches of different companies.

Top 5 Popular Brands to Buy Watches Online

  1. Titan
  2. Citizen
  3. Timex
  4. Casio
  5. Rolex

Titan: When we talk about the best watch brand founded in India with blooming reviews and services, it counts the company, Titan. It is one of the most loved watch brands in India. It is a joint venture of Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and it is the fifth largest manufacturing company in the world. Its offerings include popular brands like Fastback, Sonata, and Police. Be proud to own a Titan watch! Moreover, well-known celebrities of Bollywood have been the brand ambassadors of Titan wrist watches, marking the high-end collection of the brand.

Citizen: This brand is determined as the largest Japanese producers of the wristwatch. It is also considered as the market leader in technology and has developed some of the best ideas such as Eco-Drive, which ultimately works on solar power and can work up to 6 months. Watches produced by this company are comprised of beauty and technology which delivers the best class watches to the member of society.

Timex: This brand is known for its classic Italian designs merging with German engineering watches. This brand has delivered high-end wristwatches to become one of the leading watch brands in India. Some of the popular brands of Timex Group include- Helix, Versace, Salvatore Farrago and others. Its price range starts from 500 and ends to 18000 rupees in India.

Casio: Known for ages, it is also one of the popular watch brands in India. Manufactured by the Japanese company, it is highly engaged in manufacturing of electronic products. But, for the craze of watches, it is more than that of calculators, and other products. If any folk is looking for the Casio watches, they can visit the outlets in India or visit the referred websites to avail the benefits.

Rolex: Rolex designs, manufactures, distributes and services recherché wristwatches. It is a luxury watch brand that offers a unique combination of class, elegance, perfection, beauty, and serenity. It is one of the costliest watch brands in the world. It is a dream watch for most of the Indians and people around the world. Rolex is not the best-selling brand in India for the sole reason that it is not affordable for most of the people.

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