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In Bahrain, a new Peugeot 508 can cost between BHD 10,000 and BHD 12,000 but it’s definitely an investment worth protecting. In addition to going to a Peugeot Service Center to have the recommended services outlined in the owner’s manual performed, there are some simple things that you can do to maintain your vehicle.

The way you use your car and the climate in Bahrain will leave a huge impact on the maintenance of your Peugeot. During the winter, the temperatures drop down to a pleasant 20° C. In the summer, they rise to a sweltering 39° C.  Short drives are hard on the engine because they don’t allow the oil and coolant to circulate before the engine is shut off.

Blowing dust and sand also pose serious threats. Clogged air filters hurt engine performance and allow small dust particles to enter the combustion chamber of the cylinder, causing metal pitting and damage to the valves.

The official service interval chart for Peugeot recommends 25 separate checks of the vehicle to be done at an authorized Peugeot Service Center.

But there are a few things that you can do yourself between servicing that can help you maintain your investment, below are five of them:

1: Change Your Oil

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your Peugeot’s engine. It lubricates and cleans engine parts that can run as quickly as 7000 rpm. The oil coats each metal moving part, preventing metal on metal contact that could ruin the engine at such high rpms. The oil carries away microscopic pieces of metal shavings. Once the engine has been running for a while, the engine block temperature can reach 94° C.

When the engine is off, the oil drains down from its oil ways into a closed oil pan underneath the engine. Once the engine is switched on, the oil pump sucks oil back up into the engine, passing it through an oil filter to remove foreign particles.  Even though oil can make an entire lap of your engine in about five seconds, it is recommended that you let your engine idle for a moment or two before you accelerate so the oil has a chance to fully lubricate the engine.


The engine uses 5 litres of motor oil and many manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 to 6,000 km. Unless you have the proper tools, it can be a messy job that’s why oil changes should be done by certified service centers only.

2: Maintain Your Battery

Battery maintenance is very important. Once the engine starts, the alternator creates energy to send back to the battery, keeping it fully charged. Even if your battery is “maintenance free,” however, it still needs to be checked periodically. Bahrain is surrounded by seawater and the vapor in the air contains high amounts of salt. The salt molecules are chemically attracted to the terminals of your battery, causing the contacts to corrode.

If there is a corrosive build up on your battery terminals (this could cause the battery to fail while attempting to start the engine) it needs to be removed.

To do this, you need to carefully remove the cables from the terminals. Below are some steps to help you do it efficiently:

  1. Using a wrench, loosen the cables.
  2. Remove the cable attached to the “-“terminal first, then the “+” terminal.
  3. Make a paste of baking soda and water.
  4. Using a toothbrush, apply the paste to each terminal.
  5. If there is corrosion build-up, the paste will start bubbling.
  6. Once the corrosion is gone, rinse with water.
  7. Dry the terminals with a soft cloth.
  8. Put a light coat of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the terminals.
  9. Replace the cables, reversing the order of removal by starting with the “+” cable, then the “-“cable.

3: Check Your Rubber Belts

The engine does more than make the wheels turn. The rubber belts control a number of functions the car needs to run efficiently.  The alternator, the power steering, air and water pumps and the air conditioning compressor all get their power from a serpentine belt that runs around the pulleys that drive them.  Of equal importance is the timing belt.  This belt synchronizes the firing of the pistons and the timing of the valves.


That’s why it’s really important for you to visually inspect the belts.  Look for signs of wear and check the tension levels of the belts by pressing them. This simple maintenance check can literally save you lots of money.

4: Clean Air Is Important

Never forget that just as you need air to breathe, so does your car. To ignite the fuel mixture in the cylinder that drives your car, the engine must suck in large amounts of air. Before the air is passed into the combustion chamber, it passes through an air filter that screens out dust, grit and sand. Should any of this get through, the engine performance will suffer.

In hot, dusty areas, it is always a good idea to check your engine air filter between regular Peugeot Service Center visits.  If it’s dirty, replace it!

Same can be said for the cabin air filter too.  Dust, grit and sand are trapped in this filter, allowing clean air into the cabin of the car, that’s the reason why it’s recommended to check this filter regularly.

5: Use Technology

Keeping track of your car’s maintenance is now as simple as checking your smart phone.  A number of apps are available on iTunes and Android Play Store, which allow you to track your car’s maintenance.

Through these apps, you can record what you’ve done, schedule service appointments and be reminded when there is something that might need your attention. A quick internet search for “car maintenance apps” will be sufficient to provide you a list of many resources so go through them and pick the one that fits your requirements.

These are just a few tips to help you maintain the value of your investment. You can get more valuable information by visiting your nearest Peugeot Service Center as who’s going to know the car better other than the makers themselves?


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