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401k tpa – 401k providers have low costs & limited ability to advise or manage retirement plans advisor. Like a 401k are not cost efficient for business owners.

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Life, Inc. Retirement Services

Life, Inc. Retirement Services wants to be your third-party administrator for all your retirement plan needs. Just as we want to make things simple for the plan sponsor, we want to make things simple for you by offering a single point of contact you share with yours plans. This also means you have one person familiar with all your plans so they’re familiar with your clients and their needs. In our processes we develop materials specific to your clients and their level of understanding of their plan. We also do an annual plan review with your clients, complete with customized plan review materials. In these meetings we will discuss prior year results, outline potential issues for the coming years and review any changes to the company to make sure you know what to expect from your retirement plans.
At Life, Inc. Retirement Services we understand your company, or your book of business may not be centered around retirement plans, so we understand you rely on the expertise of those in the industry for information the same way your clients rely on you for expertise. We want to be your trusted retirement plan resource and have included some of our Fiduciary Best Practices below to help your clients meet these responsibilities.

Document, Document and Document Again! Your plan fiduciaries are legally responsible for the operation and assets of the plan. The best defense is to document the decisions and practices you have in place in case someone claims a fiduciary breach against your clients. While in a courtroom or during arbitration are not the times you want to use the “dog ate my homework” defense. At a minimum, make sure you have named fiduciaries and their responsibilities in writing, along with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to show how your assets are being managed.


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