4 Rules To Have The Best Smart Home Experience

Smart home tech has flourished in the US since the past couple of years. As people get to know more about it, they are inclined towards getting one for their homes as well, if they haven’t? If you want smart home in your house, RMS Installs, a media solutions company in Atlanta GA, provides the best smart home installation in Atlanta. Today we’ll talk about smart home gadgets in general and how these different gadgets even talk to each other?

Rule #1: Keep It Simple

No matter what you do, smart home should be additive to what you are used to. It should not be something more difficult or cumbersome to do than the non-smart home method. Your family will revolt if you tell them that they have to stop using the wall switches and instead use their smart phone to turn something on or off. A good smart home adds functionality on top of what you already do every day. You can buy replacement smart light switches that will always function like typical switch but they add new functionality on top of that


Rule #2: Keep Your Options Open

The first thing to understand is that you don’t have to stick with just one brand. Just because you have a Nest Security Camera doesn’t mean that you have to buy all the Nest products too. You can mix and match these devices but you need to make sure that they support a common central service. The three biggest ones are:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Google Home

It is recommended to not get yourself into a walled garden. Buy products that support the big central platforms to give yourself more options. Look for device that showcase integrations and to not just your first choice, but to other options as well. A great example is Philips Hue which pretty much works with every service that’s out there.

Best Smart Home

Rule #3: What Do You Want To Do?

Sometimes you may a buy a product because of a fancy, shiny feature that it offers without thinking through if that feature will actually benefit you or not. Don’t make that mistake. Think of it as a problem you are trying to solve. Then figure out what smart home gadgets you’ll need to make a solution that will work. One example might be energy efficiency ecobee3 thermostat which includes several sensors that can be placed in rooms around your house. Each one has a thermometer and a motion sensor built into it. On its own ecobee3 can tell which rooms are occupied and it will adjust the house-wide average temperature accordingly.

Rule #4: Have Fun

Going back to the ‘why?’ reaction you’ll sometimes get with this kind of stuff. Who cares? Have some fun. You can tweak a few things here and there on your own. Like when your washing machine or dryer finishes a load, the Philips Hue in your living room flashes. Do you need that? Certainly not, but you have all of the tech in place for other reasons and you’re able to add that convenience feature on without much effort. So go ahead and have some fun!

The rules and the stuff mentioned above is the primer of smart home tech and the types of things you can do with it. If you follow these general rules, you will avoid spending money on tech that won’t work together or tech you have to replace because it doesn’t support the right services. If you stick with the brands you know and that supports major services, 9/10 times you should be able to set things up that work reliably. You can start your home tech with something as simple as Philips hue bulbs.

As we were discussing smart home automation, you might want one for your home as well. For that matter, RMS Installs in Atlanta GA should definitely be your go-to choice. They are the best when it comes to smart home installation and automation.