2 Kinds of Two-Piece Dresses That Will Capture the Magic of a Red & Black Combination


Have you always been quite the fashionista or fashion icon in high school? Have your teenage years always been spent on reading fashion blogs and curating new, pretty looks on yourself? Then, when it comes to the homecoming party where all your seniors, juniors, and batchmates will be present, don’t you think you should look absolutely spectacular in an amazing dress to live up to that old image? Yes, of course, you should. But how? Obviously, you have to invoke your inner fashion goddess and create a unique style that will simply blow everyone’s mind away.

First of all, you need to find an amazing store which offers you gorgeous options for every occasion, right from homecoming to the weddings. Next, you need to sit and think which kind of dresses will help you flaunt your best features right now and choose a chic color combination which will make you stand out from the crowd like you are used to. So, instead of just wearing red homecoming dresses or black outfits for homecoming, one of the best ideas that you have is a black and red combination for the colors. You already know the magic that this color combo is capable of. You can never ever go wrong in this. And for the style, there are plenty of ways you can do justice to this contrasting combination but one of the trending ideas would be the two-piece dresses. These are so chic that everyone’s going crazy about this style. However, make sure your waist is toned and your body is in shape to carry this out.

Here we have 2 ways in which you can do the two-piece dress in red and black. Check them out now.

Short Two-Piece Dress with Lace Detailing & Sheer Finish

Firstly, you can opt for a very short skirt in coral red and team it up with a scoop-necked long-sleeve top with a sheer finish and lace detailing. It is a simple look but the effect is just fantastic. The top looks very gorgeous and has a mixture of sensuousness meets style. The skirt is fairly simple but the color coral red is so vibrant that it immediately catches the eye. So, if you don it on homecoming this year, it will be a sleek affair.

Long Two-Piece Dress with Thigh-Slit & Open Back

The next two-piece dress is a little more dramatic and made for all you drama queens out there. So, opt for a long, thigh-slit skirt in cherry red which goes down till your toes and kind of sweeps the floor when you walk. For the top, pick a halter style open back item in black with small silver embellishments. And to add a little more detailing to this gorgeous look, you can have a very narrow and sleek band made with the same black fabric and embellishments tied around your waist. This is also a great way you can flaunt and draw attention to your slender arms and legs along with the tiny waist.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have got some inspiration already, look around for these red and black homecoming dresses now and turn some heads this homecoming.

Author Bio: Malinda Jones, a fashion blogger with many articles on black, gold, white, and red homecoming dresses, here writes on 2 kinds of two-piece dresses which capture the magic of red and black homecoming dresses.

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