2 Debunking Mulch Myths & the Reality behind It

Your home is the ultimate haven where you and your loved ones get shelter and solace. However, your home is not only the indoor space with the furniture and furnishings but also the trees, flowers, and shrubs which beautify your property in the outdoor. As the plants play an important role in protecting your property, you will like to keep them healthy and beautiful all through the year. And the most effective way to do so is to add mulch. The mulch smoothers out weeds, works as a retreat for the dormant plants which will again crop up within a few months, as well as enriches the soil while it breaks out. In a nutshell, it is the one-stop solution for the soil of your garden.

As it is the best weapon for your garden, you will obviously prefer to add a layer of mulch in your yard. And as there are different types of mulch available in the market including black, pine, read, leaf, enviro, eucalyptus mulch, and many more, you can easily get the desired one for your flowerbeds, vegetable garden, or something else. However, only picking the mulch and adding it in the soil is not enough. You need to apply it properly, but most of the times, the common myths prevent homeowners to do so. To ensure you don’t make the same mistake, and to unravel the truth, here we present 2 common myths about mulch. Take a look.

Myth 1: Throwing mulch is enough

There is a common belief that just throwing mulch in the soil is enough. And you don’t require anything extra for keeping your plants healthy. But it is not the truth. The mulch requires much effort, care, as well as attention. You should be careful while choosing the mulch in order to ensure that it does not cause any harm to the plants of your garden. Keep checking the mulch and add other elements in your garden from time to time. For instance, mulch which affects the pH of the topsoil is the best choice for the acid-loving berries. However, to ensure your plants thrive in such a situation, you will add compost with it and keep the pile moist. Moreover, by composting, you can lower the possibility of plant diseases too. So, monitoring the condition of the mulch, and adding other gardening elements, is a must that you should consider for gardening.

Myth 2: The more mulch the better

As mulch plays a crucial role to retain the moisture, control the temperature of the soil, and suppress the growth of weed, many homeowners belief adding a large quantity of mulch and reapplying it after a few months is good for the health of the plants. However, the reality is not so. The gardening professionals always advise not to make mountains out of the mulch. It is best to make a layer of 2 to 4 inches, and not go beyond this. If you make a layer of more than 4 inches, then the trunk will be damaged easily. Moreover, by preventing the moisture and oxygen from going deep into the roots of the plants, it will make it difficult for the plants to survive. Also, you should not add mulch in every year and wait until and unless you find the layer does not have the desired depth. Add mulch as much as the plants require so that they stay healthy and grow beautifully.

These are the wrong beliefs that can harm the plants of your garden. So, now, choose one of the reputable companies that offer the best landscape supplies Mornington Peninsula, Red Hill, Flinders, and different other parts in Australia, and start mulching today.

Author Bio: Thomas Huxley, an eminent blogger on landscape supplies Mornington Peninsula, Red Hill, Flinders, and other parts of Australia, here writes on 2 myths about different kinds of mulch including eucalyptus mulch, and the reality in it.

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