10 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Heads up, new mommies! Here is the time to entice the wanderlust in you and set the wings to fly with your little one. Holidaying with your baby is magical and refreshing and if you glance at the few important tips and guides, the trip is bound to become seamless and easy going. Let’s focus on all the essential tips and pieces of advice right from the planning stage until the vacation ends.

Planning The Right Destination For Your Little One

In every holiday, planning the right place plays a very significant role. This vacation is not an exception. When you travel with baby destinations selection is vital and needs to be done with in-depth thought. One should finalize any destination that can be reached with optimum time by one mode of transport. Road trips or train journeys that take one to the destination directly should be the priority. Remote hill stations or jungle resorts should be avoided for the time being.

Check Weather 

The weather of the holiday destination is very important and needs to be considered while planning a trip. It is always recommended to choose a place that has moderate and comfortable weather, neither too hot nor too cold. Such as places tucked in the Western Ghats like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Panchgani, etc are the perfect choices for traveling with a baby.

Places of extreme weather, hot or cold should be discarded as that may interfere with the health conditions of the baby. Moreover, one should also fix a place that is neither too dry nor too wet. There is no point of holidaying if the baby feels uncomfortable and falls sick.

Seek A Decent And All-Inclusive Travel Package

It is a universally accepted notion that those traveling with a baby should book an all-inclusive travel package. A complete package that includes a stay, food and sightseeing and transfers reduces a lot of stress and running around which is difficult with a toddler. Most of the travel agents offering Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar package or similar package provide all such facilities and services. Once you are shortlisting the hotels, pick the ones that have facilities like cab hire, doctor on call, onsite restaurants, and babysitting services.

Go Easy On the Itinerary 

Parents and those traveling with a baby should design light and easy itinerary. Too much of day trips, excursions and sightseeing may impact the well-being of the baby and make him uncomfortable. It is always important to keep the baby happy and comfortable. Places like Matheran, Panchgani, Alibaug, Murud Janira, Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar offer the immense scenic beauty and people visit these places to relax and rejuvenate. Such places are ideal to travel with a baby.

No Stop Overs

Multiple destinations can be tiring for a baby so it is advisable to choose a single destination. If you are traveling in a flight, make sure there are no prolonged stopovers. This may lead to excessive and unnecessary stress and botheration both for the kid and the parents.

Carry Baby Food

Be it a train journey or a flight, one should carry adequate and comfort food for the baby. Pre-cooked or ready to eat meals for the infant are readily available in the departmental stores or supermarkets and they are ideal for travel purposes.

Carry The Stroller

Carrying the baby for prolonged hours, in the airport or the railway station or any place needs a lot of stamina and physical endurance. It necessarily generates a lot of exhaustion and physical strain. The right and most convenient options are to carry the baby carrier and stroller as a piece of luggage.

Bring Some Amusements For The Baby

The baby will inevitably get bored and cranky during the long journey in a plane, train or during a road trip. One should carry the baby’s favorite toys, books and other amusement staff that may keep him engaged and reduces his boredom.

Take Nap With The Baby

Just like the baby, the mother also needs adequate sleep. So, while the baby takes a nap, it is essential that the mother also takes a quick nap. It will refresh the body and help her to invigorate for the vacation.

Pack Wisely 

Last but certainly not least, wise packing is a crucial aspect of traveling, particularly with a baby. A wide array of things needs to be packed and carried. One should prepare a checklist and pack so that nothing important is missed. The must-carry things are enough dresses, woolens if necessary, baby lotion, shampoo and soap, medicines, pillow and blanket, and baby food. Drinking water, bottle, bowl, spoon, sanitizer and mosquito repellent are a must.

Take a look at these essential tips for traveling with a baby and plan a fantastic trip with your little one.